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25.09.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)
20.11.2018 (9:00 AM GMT)
Quantity of tokens available:
The lower limit to launch the project:
5,000 ETH
The cryptocurrencies accepted:
Tokens exchange rate:
1 AUTO COIN = 0,25 USD excluding bonuses

Currently we are running private sale please email us to participate [email protected]

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Solutions Set to Revolutionize the Automotive Sector

The Auto Block offers a unique set of products which will align cryptocurrency with the mainstream automotive industry by making vehicle transactions secure, fast while also giving you full access to the purchased vehicle’s historical data, NVD (New vehicle data), and valuations. Providing transparency to the buyer, as well as the seller.


What Makes The Auto Block Stand Out?

We're transforming the way people buy, sell and research cars.

AutoBlock will revolutionize the automotive industry and make it transparent so sales and purchases can take place without mishaps.

A car sales portal for car dealers that accept the AutoCoin to advertise their stock free of charge, opening up new markets for them. Initially, prestige, performance and classic cars being transacted across the globe using AutoCoin, followed en masse by volume car dealers.

Set to revolutionize used car valuations and vehicle data, Auto Block’s mission is to serve professionals such as insurance companies, car dealers and leasing companies in the motor industry with accurate and easy access to data and valuations. The Blockchain technology used to gather the real-time valuations with the help of live data will result in a rich database of all vehicle specifications which exist throughout the world. The Auto Block’s technology will make it possible for individuals and businesses alike to access information about car data and valuations no matter where they are.

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P2P Platform

  • is a global platform where car dealers or private individuals can offer their cars for sale to the worldwide audience of crypto users. Transactions through our exchange will convert their crypto into The AutoCoin, our own motor trade dedicated crypto currency.
  • Free to use for car dealers that accept The AutoCoin, a significant number of UK sports, performance, classic and prestige dealers have expressed not just interest but verbal commitments to embrace The Auto Coin. Their target demographic customer are wealthy high net worth individuals – often crypto users that desire efficiency and anonymity.
  • Automated stock feeds for their vehicle listings and transactions free from charges, along with global exposure to new customers make the proposition compelling at least, an essential new route to market. The key to acceptance is the education of car dealers - difficult from our significant 20 years experience of selling websites and technology to UK car dealers.
  • Auto Coin and it's use

    Making transactions quicker, easier, and a lot safer

    While the Auto Block cryptocurrency has a long list of compelling reasons why you should think about adapting it, here are some which are the most evident.

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    Significantly lower transaction fees – you pay with no add-on bank charges.
    Security against Identity Theft. No credit card or bank details being stored by 3rd parties.
    Easy International payments that do not require lengthy and protracted exchange rate considerations.
    Very highest level of fraud prevention. TheAutoCoin utilises Block Chain technology and ensures that counterfeits and chargebacks are not possible.
  • Blockchain and it’s use

    Automotive Blockchain

    Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider familiarizing yourself with Blockchain technology

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    Blockchain technology is proving invaluable in a vast arena of business and commerce. The unique requirements of the Automotive Industry match perfectly with the shared ledger underpinnings and security that Blockchain uniquely offers.
    Revolutionising opportunities in real time vehicle valuations by location as well as centralising and making sense of new and used vehicle specifications and data Worldwide, our dedicated Blockchain development team have perfected systems that allow the easy collation and delivery of this complex information.
  • Vehicle Specs Data

    Provides ease-of-access through vehicle specs data

    The vehicle specs data provided by The Auto Block has a range of possibilities. Here are a few that make it indispensable.

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    Never before has the technology existed to deliver reliable and current vehicle specification data in an easy to interrogate and digest methodology.
    Challenges with vehicle data suppliers to date have included live updating, ease of access and Worldwide vehicle spec comparisons. All this has been compiled and organised by The Auto Block to deliver a concise and comprehensive vehicle specification system available to trade and public.
    The De facto resource for vehicle specifications has arrived and is set to revolutionise how the trade and public access car data.
  • Independent Valuation system

    Independent Valuation system

    Benefits of The Auto Block include the following compelling reasons to adopt this safe and secure payment method.

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    Vehicle valuations are at the very core of vehicle sales Worldwide. Yet no-one to date has developed a system that delivers an accurate and independent valuation service.
    The Auto Block has utilised Blockchain technology integrated with unique and proven algorithms that have been tested on tens of thousands of used vehicles Worldwide. The result is an Alpha tested valuation system that measures all parameters that influence a vehicle value, including age, mileage, specification, condition and even location.
    Based on a live stream of incoming sales data, our system intelligently assesses huge volumes of comparable information to deliver a real time location and condition based figure.
    Immune to external influence and based on real time data, our valuation service will be the default and indisputable industry standard by which vehicles are valued Worldwide.
  • Car History

    Car History

    Benefits of The Auto Block include the following compelling reasons to adopt this safe and secure payment method.

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  • Auto Coin
  • Automotive
  • Vehicle
    Specs Data
  • Independent
    Valuation system
  • Car

How does it work

Our Eco-System

At the heart of AutoBlock is our hybrid blockchain technology, utilizing the best of public and private blockchains. This will allow for the seamless transfer of vehicle data using smart contracts which forms the foundation of our fair vehicle valuations platform;  purchasing a car through the portal, transferring the funds instantly and cashing out the proceeds in either fiat, crypto or both via our internal exchange.

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Our Payment Card

  • Card balance in USD, EURO
  • Fast and easy loan cash-in
  • Repay your loan

Our dedicated AutoCoin card will allow quick and easy secure transactions for not only car purchase but also repairs and maintenance, monthly leasing payments with a vision towards fuel and electric charging points.

Our Payment Card

Token Functions


Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH

Token Nature

Autocoin will initially be ERC-20 tokens. Once our main net is live, we will be swapping all ERC-20 ATC tokens to ATC tokens on our native Blockchain on a 1:1 ratio.

Token Type

Autocoin will be a Security token. Token holders will be entitled to a share of any profits made. Dividends will be paid out as a ratio of tokens held: total tokens.

Number of Tokens

There will only ever be 400 Million tokens created.

Value of Token

The token price will be 1 ATC = $0.25. The Ethereum rate will be pegged once the sale has started.

Currencies Accepted

You can purchase Autocoin with Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Allocation of Tokens

Allocation of fund raised


  • 11% Trade Connect
  • 23% Development
  • 10% Operations
  • 8% Marketing
  • 7% Licencing & Legal
  • 5% Audit
  • 6% Rewards
  • 30% Endowment Funds

Distribution of total supply 


  • 20% Pre- Sale
  • 35% STO
  • 19% Retain
  • 15% Team
  • 6% Bounty & Rewards
  • 5% Seed Round

Our Partners

Carefully Selected Motor Trade Industry Professionals Already Committed To The AutoBlock


IT Test

Carries out a full cycle of testing.



Offers a technology of personal identification



Payment system based on Waves platform.


Hyperledger Fabric

Private Blockchain to store assets.

Road Map

of our business

A clearly defined roadmap and process towards both ICO and product delivery

Q1- 2017 100%

Idea of Auto Block
The idea for Auto Block is born Proof of concept First investment received

Q3- 2017 100%

Intial Development
Development Started Initial private Investment Round White paper started    

Q1- 2018 100%

ICO & Team Plan
ICO Planning Team Hiring Seed Round Funding  

Q3- 2018 100%

STO Launch planing
MVPs Platform live for dealers E-Wallet License for Exchange

Q1-2019 20%

Alpha Version of services
Mobile App (IOS & Android) Internal Exchange Launch Services would be live for Members (Alpha Version)

Q3-2019 5%

FServices for Fleet Companies
Valuation Services Beta Permission for Fleet Management Companies to Access our Blockchain

Q1-2020 0%

Car Sharing APP
Car Sharing App Alpha Live Leasing cars on Finance with AutoCoin Alpha version of Valuation system launching in EU and Asian Market  

Q3 - 2020 0%

UK base Crypto Banking
Product Enhancement Acquire Crypto based Bank Asset Launch banking sort code and account services

Q2- 2017 100%

R & D
Research & Development Team finalizing for the development

Q4- 2017 100%

Regional Office
Regional Office Set up (London) Data gathering of over 30+ million

Q2- 2018 100%

Seed Round
Preparation for STO Team Expansion Dealer onboarding

Q4- 2018 70%

Payment System (POS)
STO Launch Main Dealerships onboarding Exchange Listing Testnet Launch

Q2-2019 10%

Commercial Services
Geographical expansion of Dealerships onto the platform Live services with Commercial Clients (Alpha) Expansion into New regions with POS systems (EU, Turkey, UAE & Kuwait)  

Q4-2019 0%

POS For Other Sectors
POS integrated with parking systems (Pay for parking with Autocoin) POS system integrated with pay to ride services (Taxi, etc) Electric Charge Points Alpha with integrated POS

Q2 - 2020 0%

Beta Version of Services
Beta Version of Valuation System live POS system active in African markets

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Team AutoBlock

Mustansar Iqbal

Mustansar Iqbal

Founder, CEO
Mohamed Ezeldin

Mohamed Ezeldin

Irina M Creaser

Irina M Creaser

Dave White

Dave White

Chief Operating Officer
Asim Noor

Asim Noor

Chief Strategy Officer
Dilek Olkun

Dilek Olkun

Investor Relations Manager
Boris Otonicar

Boris Otonicar

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Blockchain Advisor
Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD

Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD

Information & Security Advisor
Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott

Sadaf Failey

Sadaf Failey

Senior Legal Counsel
Yagub Rahimov

Yagub Rahimov

Strategic Advisors
Sydney Ifergan

Sydney Ifergan

Digital Marketing Advisor
Paul Markov

Paul Markov

Community and Investor Relations

Pre-sale & token

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