Press Mentions

Press Mentions

The futuristic concept behind the AutoBlock and our team’s hard work is being recognized by the biggest media outlets online.

  • Read more about what Yahoo has to say about the application of blockchain technology in the automotive industry.
  • FXempire is impressed with the way Autoblock has managed to convert a fragment of our imagination into hardcore reality.
  • Zycrypto highlights the benefits of using the bespoke cryptocurrency, the AutoCoin (introduced by AutoBlock), and how it can help promote transparency and minimize operational costs in the auto trade market.
  • MotorFinance mentions The Auto Block as a one-of-a-kind crypto payments processor that uses AutoCoin to buy cars and implements the blockchain technology for monthly payments in leasing contracts.

The AutoBlock Introduction To David White

David White

The automotive industry is witnessing big leaps as technology continues to advance with each passing year. From electric powered to self-driving cars – the future certainly looks exciting.

The AutoBlock is a part of this promising future. It is an organization that is powered by a set of tools to make things easier for buyers and sellers of vehicles all over the world. From using the AutoCoin (a personalized cryptocurrency) to offering a state-of-the-art valuation system, the Autoblock is redefining the future of vehicle buying and selling.

However, none of this is possible without a hardworking and professional team of experts. The Autoblock brings together a bunch of talented individuals who perform their jobs with the utmost dedication so that customers are always satisfied.

David White is one of the newest additions to The AutoBlock team. With a shining career that spans over 30 years, David started off by retailing sports, performance and luxury cars in the UK.

He soon realized that he had a knack for marketing. Inspired by the adoption of the internet and social media marketing by popular brands such as the BMW, he decided to give it a shot too. This was when David established a specialist digital agency that offered website development and marketing solutions to UK car dealers.

Needless to say, the digital agency was an instant success, and David ventured off to explore the business technology in Budapest. With the constant support of his sales team back in the UK, he managed to get many prestigious car brands on board. Soon his agency boasted some top of the line clients, which included many franchised and non-franchised car dealers.

David is a creative genius when it comes to offering web solutions such as website creation, CRM management, data feeds, email marketing, service packages and mystery shopping. As new trends hit the market, David makes it a point to learn more about each one of them.

He was one of the few talented individuals to recognize the application of crypto in the car industry and has been working hard with The AutoBlock to develop a bespoke cryptocurrency known as the AutoCoin. Other exciting applications such as data and valuation services are in the pipeline as well.

Together, the AutoBlock and David White are all set to change the motor industry for the better. Offering a customized cryptocurrency is nothing short of a revolution in itself. With minds like David White, we are sure to perform beyond our customers’ wildest expectations.

The Autoblock Introduction To Paul Markov

Paul Markov

The AutoBlock is the name of an ingenious technology that is set to transform the automotive world. While most manufacturers are focusing on car performance, the people behind The AutoBlock are solving problems that buyers face when looking for a vehicle.

With their independent valuations system, the collection of car data, and the AutoCoin, the company is fast changing how buyers and sellers around the world search for and choose vehicles.

Paul Markov is a key member of the team behind The AutoBlock. He has over 10 years of experience in technical support and is currently a business analyst for a prestigious firm. He has a deep understanding of the market and knows what works and what doesn’t.

Because of his unique understanding of how to implement technologies, Markov has successfully completed all of the IT projects he has led. Although most of his experience is in the telecom and computer industry, his interests in clouded cryptography and decentralized computing started him on the journey towards blockchain technology.

He believes that blockchain is the future of technology and will make everything more easily accessible and safe online. Markov is presently involved in reviewing multiple projects and checking whether or not they are the right fit for the UK market. He also helps international teams understand the demand and value of investors and researchers, and tells them why it’s important to explain these models to clients thoroughly.

The promotional analysis is another area where Markov’s skills have proven indispensable. He is involved in reviewing white papers, technical materials, and promotional correspondence. His knack for understanding projects and getting them off the ground has led to his involvement with blockchain ventures.

As one of the key members of the AutoBlock, Markov hopes to become more involved and invested in making The AutoBlock and its tool industry the standards that everyone turns to.

The Autoblock Expanding Its Wings Internationally: Successful Meeting With Potential Turkish Partners

successful meeting with potential Turkish partners

Look out for a big revolution that is about to take the automotive industry by storm! The AutoBlock is a one-of-a-kind organization that is working towards transforming the way people buy, sell and research for a car. The AutoBlock’s mission is to bring a great change in used car valuations and vehicle data, using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Recently, the Auto Block team had a successful meeting with potential Turkish partners. Together they are all geared up to use the blockchain technology so that vehicle transactions can be simplified for car buyers and sellers.

Autoblock presentation

The AutoBlock has developed its own cryptocurrency known as the AutoCoin. It is a simple and efficient alternative to traditional payment methods and soon you will witness the automotive industry giants preferring cryptocurrency over cash or bank transfers.

Thanks to the ease, global acceptance, flexibility and transparency it offers, the AutoCoin is surely here to stay. The AutoCoin can be used to buy and sell cars on a free P2P platform, designed by the AutoBlock team specifically for this purpose.

After Presentation

All car sales made here will be transparent and free of any mishaps. It is a great opportunity for car dealers to expand their market and for car enthusiasts to look for the best performance and classic cars out there.

Autoblock Introduction To Dilek Olkun

Dilek Olkun

The AutoBlock company is built on the blockchain technology. The blockchain is a decentralized database or ledger that doesn’t belong to any one party. Using the basics of this technology, The AutoBlock has set up tools and platforms that will make the purchase and selling of automobiles safer, and more convenient.

The people behind the company understand that to attract and retain customers, and to continue to provide them with revolutionary services; you don’t just need great products. You also need a great team and a great leader. This is why Dilek Olkun has joined the team as a community assistant manager.

Dilek is an enthusiastic international speaker and ambassador for leading online travel platforms. She has been at the forefront of promoting the industry in various countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Dilek has a deep-rooted passion for business, and this is what drove her to invest in multiple startups. She is uniquely gifted as a leader and understands what it takes for a business to be successful.

She has marketed international projects, reaching thousands of people in the process. As a result, she has been able to grow the various businesses she was associated with successfully. She has led teams and implemented digital strategies that have established their respective businesses as brand leaders.

Dilek began investing in the global real estate market and explored the financial sector once she had mastered her entrepreneurial activities. Her interests led her to the world of cryptocurrency, a field that immediately caught her attention.

In 2017, she started trading the markets and became an investor in multiple successful and profitable ICO projects. In the same year, Dilek cooperated with mining farm companies and is currently occupied with mining several cryptocurrencies.

Leaders like Dilek Olkun keep strategies in place; employees motivated, and help take the company forward. We welcome her on board!

AutoBlock Introduction To Mohamed Ezeldin Profile/Bio

Mohamed Ezeldin

The automobile market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the number of buyers increasing rapidly, more and more people are looking for a reliable source to tell them everything they need to know about the cars of their choice.

The AutoBlock is a solution that will not just help with vehicle verification and data, but also make it possible for buyers and sellers to use cryptocurrency for business. Mohamed Ezeldin, the co-founder of the company, is one of the greatest contributors to the idea of The AutoBlock.

Ezeldin is uniquely qualified for the role, especially due to his multiple successful ventures as an ICO investor. He has also been analyzing a variety of blockchain technologies over the years.

He got his BSc first class honors in mathematics in 2010 and went on to complete his MSc in mathematics the following year. He acquired his degrees from Queen Mary University of London. It is because of his academic history that Ezeldin is so well suited for the blockchain market.

He started investing in ICO after researching the math behind the blockchain technology. Currently, he is also working as a mathematics professor.

As the co-founder of The AutoBlock, he oversees and helps with the company’s strategy, business, research and PR. He is also responsible for token metrics and dividend payments for the AutoCoin holders – making him an asset for the organization.

Mohamed Ezeldin is an avid white and yellow papers reader and likes to spend time researching upcoming blockchain projects and ICOs. He also enjoys spending time with his family and watching Liverpool FC and football. He is the father of a beautiful baby boy.

His wants to help create a blockchain technology that will be specific to the needs of the AutoCoin holders. In doing so, he wants to be one of those few who disrupts and revolutionize the automotive industry and reinvents how cars are bought and sold all over the world.

Autoblock Introduction To Irina Maria Creaser

Irina Maria Creaser

The AutoBlock is an initiative to make the buying and selling of cars easier, reliable and more convenient.

The Autoblock is fast revolutionizing the auto industry with tools such as the independent valuations system and the p2p platform that helps buyers and retailers of vehicles connect. The company has already started its ICO and has been successful in collecting funds for the software.

One of the reasons for The AutoBlock’s success is the hard work and passion that its team has put into its creation. CEO Irina Maria Streng is leading that team.

Born in Munich Germany, in 1964, Irina was the only child of her parents. She moved to the US in 1981 and married Frank Creaser in 1983.

She is deeply interested in archeology, loves to travel, is passionate about animal rights, and charitable causes.

Irina is known for her uncanny sense of real estate investments. She started buying and selling properties when she was just 21. To this day, she continues to invest in real estate. Throughout her life, she was fascinated by Barbie dolls and at one point had a vast collection of them.

Her collection has been exhibited in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Finland, and London, and she was once known as a living Barbie. Irina was featured in the Enquirer magazine and numerous other papers in Europe and Japan. However, later on, Irina sold her collection of Barbie dolls and continued as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry in the Bahamas.

In 1995, she wrote and published her first book under with the title ‘Moods: Emotional Diary Through Poetry,’ followed by Moods 2 and 3.

In 2004, Irina began importing Japanese vehicles to the Bahamas and started selling and leasing them. Ten years later, both Irina and her husband Frank ventured into a new business – the buying and selling of scrap metal.

Finally, she stepped into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2016 and invested in several digital coins before creating her very own AutoCoin and The AutoBlock.

The AutoBlock capitalizes on Irina’s extensive experience and knowledge of the automotive industry and is using it to become one of the turning forces of the motor market.

How To Buy And Sell Cars Using The AutoCoin P2P Platform

buy and sell cars

The automotive industry is constantly innovating. Among the new inventions such as the electric car, green cars, and self-driving vehicles, The AutoBlock has created a system that will make it easier to buy and sell cars to cryptocurrency users from all over the world.

The P2P platform, which is designed to meet the needs of car buyers and sellers, is hassle-free and straightforward to understand and operate. You can access the global web portal at Both retailers and private individuals can use it to buy and sell cars.

The platform is free to use for dealers and sellers using the AutoCoin – The AutoBlock’s cryptocurrency. This portal is also great for business because professionals in sports, performance, and a number of prestige dealers have expressed interest in the solutions provided by The AutoBlock. This means that users will have access to wealthy and high-end buyers.

We understand that navigating a new platform can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we have created this short guide to help you get started on the AutoCoin P2P platform.

Step #1: Visit the portal

Before you do anything else, visit the autocoincars portal and see what it has to offer. Browse the website thoroughly, take a look at the FAQs and understand how you can sell your car.

If you don’t know what the AutoCoin is, learn more about it by using the main webpage. Spending time on the website will help you buy and sell vehicles more efficiently.

Step #2: Shop for your vehicle

If you’re interested in buying a car from the platform, you can search for one using indicators such as the model, country, and price.

Because it’s a global portal, you will not only be able to access cars in your region and the UK but other parts of the world as well.

You can also check out vehicles under the ‘latest stock’ tab where retailers upload pictures, price, and specs for cars they wish to sell.

Step #3: Sell your car

The p2p platform is designed for your convenience. This is why we have a separate category for dealers, retailers, or individual sellers who wish to sell their vehicles.

Take a look at the ‘dealer directory’ to find details of well-known and respected dealers from around the globe. Selling your car through this platform is simple, and you won’t need more than a couple of minutes to set everything up. is the portal you need if you want to buy or sell cars using cryptocurrency. The platform accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin among others.

So what are you waiting for? Start selling or purchasing vehicles using the AutoCoin p2p platform today.

Here’s How You Can Participate In The AutoBlock ICO

Autoblock ICO

Providing value to customers is the one thing that the people behind The AutoBlock believe in. The motor industry will benefit greatly from the solutions offered by The AutoBlock because the company provides everything from vehicle valuations to car data and cryptocurrency.

As a retailer or seller, if you would like to take advantage of these solutions, you must take part in The AutoBlock ICO. With this participation, you can make full use of the tools offered by the company and enjoy the rewards of being an early adopter.

But because most people don’t know how to participate in the ICO, we’ve created this short guide to help you get started. Here’s what you need to do to take part in The AutoBlock’s ICO.

Step #1: Buy cryptocurrency

The first thing you’ll need to do is buy the right cryptocurrency. The AutoBlock accepts Ether so make sure you purchase it from Coinbase or any other reliable exchange that’s well-known for selling the cryptocurrency.

To buy Ether, register an account with the source and then transfer money (fiat) from your account to theirs. You can now purchase the required Ether. As you do so, the cryptocurrency will automatically be sent to an online wallet.

Step #2: Transfer currency to The AutoBlock wallet

Once you have bought the cryptocurrency, store the coins you receive from the exchange into the AutoBlock’s controlled wallet.

Instead of relying on outside sources to keep your funds safe, you can transfer the Ether to the user-controlled AutoBlock wallet.

Even though there are lots of other wallets that cater to a variety of needs, The AutoBlock’s wallet is one that will keep your currency safe from security breaches.

Step #3: Start contributing

Next, start contributing to The AutoBlock’s ICO which began on July 10th, 2018. The ICO’s end date is August 9th, 2018. Don’t forget to send your cryptocurrency to The AutoBlock’s address to start receiving new tokens.

But before you transfer, make sure that you have the right address since no chargebacks are allowed with cryptocurrency.

The AutoBlock’s purpose is to provide insights to buyers, sellers, insurance companies, and leasing companies about car valuations and other relevant data so better decisions can be made by all parties.

Taking part in the company’s ICO will help you benefit from their impressive range of tools. What’s more, you may even win more coins that you can use as per your liking.

The AutoBlock Vehicle Valuation System – How Does It Work?

vehicle valuation system

The AutoBlock is a company that provides a variety of solutions to those working in the automobile industry. Using blockchain technology, this revolutionary business will change how dealers sell vehicles and how buyers purchase them. Looking at the sheer vastness of the motor industry, the AutoBlock has come up with answers that are not only straightforward to integrate but offer value to everyone and is free of all biases.

One such solution which is provided by the AutoBlock is the vehicle valuation system. There are several problems in the current system because it is not live and is controlled by one party, which makes it vulnerable to biases. Fortunately, with the AutoBlock’s ingenious independent system, you can rest assured that there will be no central party controlling the data, but instead, the blockchain technology will make sure that any changes made are agreed upon by all. This will make the system a lot more reliable and up-to-date.

Moreover, the valuations will depend on the country or region-based market, which means both the buyer and seller will get their worth. Users will also be able to retrieve data without any restriction, and the information will be uniform across all platforms, no matter where in the world it is being obtained from.

However, before you can start using the AutoBlock’s vehicle valuation system, you have to know how it works. This is the reason why we have fashioned this short and quick guide that will take you through the process of the system.

How does the vehicle valuation system work?

To use the independent valuations system, the first step you’ll need to take is to access the AutoBlock platform. Once you’re inside this easy-to-understand system, start by entering the make, model, and type of your car. If you have a VIN number, use that, and you will be given a report that will contain all the details of the vehicles. The report will provide you with a lot of information about the mileage and fuel emission but will also give data on previous damage and accident, which is often skipped by car dealers and retailers.

You can also ask the system to provide you with the expected life of the vehicle and compare the specifications for up to 5 countries. What this implies is instead of relying on the retailer and the price they’re offering, you can depend on the valuation system to provide you with the right details.

On the other hand, the vehicle valuation system can also be quite useful when you’re selling your own car because it will tell you about its real worth. You can get insight into the value of your vehicle depending on its specifications and historical data.

The system that solves it all

The AutoBlock’s powerful system analyzes and neatly stores and synchronizes the data coming to it from different places and provides you with something that’s not only uncomplicated but also current and reliable. With the blockchain technology and unique algorithms that have already been tested on tens of thousands of cars, the AutoBlock’s independent valuations system is all you need as a buyer or seller.