Here’s What You Can Expect When You Invest In The AutoBlock

expect to invest in Autoblock

Investment in a new venture is often viewed as a risky affair by many; and rightly so since you are unclear about the expected returns. You can either win big or lose even bigger. Many new businesses and startups that now have wide acceptance were once met with the same mistrust. The blockchain technology was among the industries that were considered the riskiest investment in its infancy. But fast forward few years, and it is now mainstream with an expected net market value of about $60 billion by 2020.

The blockchain technology has disrupted many industries since its inception in 2008. Initially developed for Bitcoin, the technology is now offering innovative solutions in various industries. One such solution is The AutoBlock which is considered as the pioneer of implementing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the automotive sector.

The Autoblock is a platform that allows you to buy and sell vehicles using a cryptocurrency called the AutoCoin. It also allows you to engage in p2p buying and selling; hence ensuring a hassle-free experience. It presents compelling investment opportunities to almost anyone. In this article, you can find out what to expect when you invest in The AutoBlock.

  1. Dividend and Bonuses:

A dividend is a fixed amount per company share — the more shares you own, the more reward you will receive. When a company earns a profit, the company can reinvest it in the business and pay a proportion of the gain as a reward to token holders.

The Auto Coin offered by the Autoblock will be a security token which will pay rewards annually. The reward will be calculated based on the number of tokens in the Auto Coin wallet at the end of each tax year. Payments will be made in Auto Coin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The company also plans to include fiat currency in it. The qualifying criteria for a token holder to receive the reward is laid out in section 5.0 of the company’s whitepaper.

  1. Free listings in car portals:

The AutoBlock has an established car portal that can be an alternative advertising medium for classic car dealers, who currently spend huge amounts to reach potential customers. Dealers can showcase their collection to car enthusiasts all over the world through live feeds. The portal provides free listings for the Auto Coin holders. This increases the chances of appearing higher in Google search results related to crypto car purchase keywords.

  1. Transparency and Security:

When investing in The AutoBlock, you can always expect security and transparency in the process. Trading in fiat currency involves security concerns and financial intermediaries like Banks and merchant accounts which makes you dubious about the process. Rest assured, the blockchain technology is secure, and the team behind The AutoBlock is keen on ensuring transparency. The AutoBlock takes measures to keep the investors in the loop which makes it an excellent investment opportunity.


The fact that AutoBlock takes a multi-faceted approach to introduce new technology and services into the automotive industry enables it to open a myriad of profit opportunities for investors. The AutoBlock offers benefits via exchange, sales portal, vehicle valuation, and data services and with the first mover advantage in the industry, you can be certain about the profits.

Types Of People Should Consider Investing In The AutoBlock And Why?

Blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But today, the technology is not limited to digital currencies alone. It is becoming mainstream as various industries come forward to utilize the underlying principle of the blockchain. Among the industries, the automotive sector is looking for blockchain solutions as it enters a new era of digitization. A research form Frost and Sullivan reveals that the total automotive industry’s spending on blockchain technology is expected to mount to USD 1.5 billion by 2025. One such solution that is positively disrupting the automotive industry is the initiative called the AutoBlock.

The AutoBlock:

The AutoBlock is a blockchain product and service suite developed for the global automobile industry. The idea was born during the first quarter of 2017 when the founders felt the need for a safer, more secure and reliable motor market. The company’s mission is to address the three primary issues faced by the automotive industry, which includes:

  • Vehicle data
  • Vehicle valuation system
  • Payment security and enhancement

It also allows customers to conduct transactions in a dedicated cryptocurrency ‘AutoCoin’ using a digital platform. Given its undeniable promising future, it is advised to invest in this upcoming technology and reap the benefits associated with it. This article talks about those who should consider investing in the AutoBlock and what this platform might have in store for them.

  1. Crypto Users:

Since the number of blockchain wallet users is exponentially increasing, reaching a staggering 28 million at the end of September 2018, platforms like Autoblock can be the right place for them to get their dividends. Crypto users can exchange their cryptocurrencies for Autocoin and can even sell or buy cars with it. All the information about the transactions is secured since the platform leverages the power of blockchain technology.

2. Those who want to avoid trading in traditional currency:

Trading in fiat currency comes with a lot of hassle including security concerns and financial intermediaries like banks, merchant accounts, and payment gateways. Investing in Autoblock can get around many of the disadvantages associated with trading in traditional currencies.

Fiat currency investment can become difficult. Besides the legislative rules, even entering the world of buying and selling can be challenging. Investing in a digital currency like Autocoin can offer a solution to those problems. It provides more potential for investors to get involved as barriers to entry are far lower than with fiat currency investing.

3. Car Dealers:

Dealers can invest in Auto Coin to reduce fraudulent transactions. Credit card frauds and identity frauds account for more than 70 percent of all frauds worldwide. Autoblock will mitigate such risks and give the dealers access to crucial and insightful information. Auto Coin is a solution for car dealers and customers who want to trade in cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency; hence there are more chances for them to make their revenues go up.


The brains behind The AutoBlock combined with the power of the distributed ledger and untampered data makes it an attractive investment opportunity for about everyone. The AutoBlock, being the pioneer of blockchain technology in the automotive industry, is bound to grow; and with it, the lucrativeness of your investment will also grow.

Three Good Reasons To Trust The AutoBlock And Invest In It

trusting autoblock

Remember the days when blockchain and cryptocurrency were met with skepticism? Now, the same technology is slowly being adopted by mainstream industries. Currently, its market size is 548.2 million. It is expected to reach a high value of 1.4 billion by 2020! This symbolizes that slowly people are trusting blockchain solutions.

One such solution that deserves your time and trust is the AutoBlock. The AutoBlock uses blockchain technology to deliver a platform where you can buy and sell cars using a cryptocurrency called the AutoCoin. Apart from this, you can get your vehicle valued in an unbiased manner and indulge in p2p selling as well.

Are you reluctant about giving the AutoBlock a try? Well, it is understandable. The solution is relatively new. However, we are here to tell you that you should trust the AutoBlock. Here is why.

  1. It offers a unique and value-adding solution

You can’t deny the fact the automotive sector is growing. In 2018 alone, it produced 81.5 million vehicles! The good thing about the AutoBlock is that it is specific to this growing industry. Currently, no other company is offering the same solution as the AutoBlock. This means that this solution has the first mover advantage. It is still in its growing phase. If you were to invest in it today, you are bound to reap the rewards in terms of high value in the years to come. After all, as per the prediction of industry experts, the solution proposed by the AutoBlock is gearing it for success.

  1. Transparency is the AutoBlock’s priority

How do you know when not to trust a company? When they don’t keep you in the loop. As an investor, you should know the ins and outs of the company or product you are investing your hard-earned money in. Another thing that makes the AutoBlock an excellent investment and a reliable solution is that the team behind it is keen on ensuring transparency. This is evident by the whitepaper offered by the company, which is available for everyone to peruse. The AutoBlock takes measures to keep their investors in the loop about all significant changes. The company believes in engaging with their community of investors and keep them aware of every piece of news and development that affects them. Transparency drives trust. The fact that the AutoBlock has ensured the former means that succeeds in achieving the latter.

  1. It has experts on board

The AutoBlock has managed to form a team of experts. These experts are pivotal to the company’s ability to develop its promised services. The use of expert knowledge allows the AutoBlock to have a firm grasp over the blockchain network. Considering that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are relatively unexplored concepts, only a team of experts can pull off using them. The fact that the AutoBlock has such experts on board means that you can expect it to grow.


The AutoBlock deserves your trust. Invest in it today, and you will not be disappointed.

Who’s Been Talking About AutoBlock And Its Solutions?

autoblock and its solutions

There were 81.5 million cars sold globally in 2018. To say that the automotive sector is doing well would be an understatement. Not only is the auto sector growing, but it is also positively disrupted by other emerging sectors. One such sector is the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. What once was an object of distrust and skepticism is not gaining mainstream acceptance. This is evident from solutions like the AutoBlock.

What is the AutoBlock?

The AutoBlock is the product of blockchain technology that aims to make the vehicle buying and selling experience convenient and hassle-free. It has been developed to address the needs of the global auto industry. The platform allows users to purchase cars using a cryptocurrency called the AutoCoin. Moreover, it allows them to engage in p2p selling as well.

The AutoBlock has managed to create quite a buzz. Various people are talking about the company and its solutions.

Who cares about what the AutoBlock offers?

The primary stakeholders who have been talking about the AutoBlock include those who:

  • Are dissatisfied with the current vehicle valuation system

There are various vehicle valuation software available today. After all, these systems are required to gauge the value of your used car. However, most people who use such systems to find the worth of their car think that the valuation systems are biased and aimed to get car dealers a better deal. The fact that the data can be manipulated and cannot be controlled by the seller does provide evidence for such concerns. Such people have been finding the AutoBlock’s decentralized and blockchain based valuation system to be a much better choice. The data on this system cannot be manipulated since it is all encrypted and stored on the network. At the same time, the valuation system is also very transparent, making it unbiased.

  • Find financial intermediaries to be hassling

Currently, when you buy or sell cars, you must do so via financial intermediaries, like a bank. This is because whenever fiat money comes into the equation, people have security concerns. However, this comes at the cost of a transaction fee. Many find dealing with financial intermediaries to be a hassle. For such people, the AutoBlock has been a great alternative. This is because the platform accepts cryptocurrencies. And in case of cryptocurrencies, your data is already secured, rendering the need for a financial intermediary unnecessary.

  • Wish to engage in p2p buying and selling

Rather than buying or selling your vehicle from dealerships, many people find directly transacting with other customers to be a better choice. Here, the chances of being manipulated into a deal because of persistent haggling of the dealer is not an issue. However, previously, p2p transactions were considered risky. But, the introduction of a decentralized p2p platform has taken away this risk.


It is safe to say that various people have benefitted from the solutions offered by the AutoBlock. This is the key reason behind its success.

Three Benefits Of Buying A Car Using The AutoCoin

buying car using autocoin

When you think of buying and selling a car, your mind automatically goes to doing so in a conventional way. You visit a car dealership, select a car, and pay via fiat currency. However, did you know that now there is a new way you can do it all?

How so?

Via cryptocurrency! Even though cryptocurrencies were launched in 2008, it has taken them almost a decade to become mainstream. It is predicted to have a market value of $60 billion by 2020. Now, the blockchain technology along with the digital currency is causing positive disruption in various industries. One such industry is the automotive industry.

Now you can buy cars using the AutoCoin, which is a cryptocurrency explicitly made for the auto sector. Why would you want to use it instead of fiat money? Well, here are the three core benefits associated with using AutoCoin.

  1. It guarantees anonymity

You might not realize it, but in every transaction, you take part in, your personal information is at the risk of being exposed. We live in a world where data breaches are quite common. The benefit of buying cars using the AutoCoin is that none of your sensitive personal information gets stored. This is because cryptocurrencies are known for delivering a high level of anonymity and discreetness. This makes every transaction secure and private. So, when you pay using the AutoCoin, you won’t have to give any personal information. The cryptocurrency uses smart contracts to conduct the transaction and closely mimics the Ethereum model.

  1. It saves money

This advantage is highly linked with the one mentioned above. Because the purchase is anonymous and discreet, the AutoCoin doesn’t require you to go through a financial intermediary to complete a transaction. Instead, you can purchase cars without the need of any banks. This helps you in saving the money you would have otherwise spent on the transaction cost. Therefore, when you purchase cars using the AutoCoin, you will get a much more cost-effective deal.

  1. You don’t have to worry about global exchange rates

The world is now a global village. Just because you live in Country X doesn’t mean you can’t avail the services of Country Y. Sadly, in most cases, purchasing cars across borders is still quite a hassling process. One of the most significant problems is pricing. Global exchange rates are prone to fluctuations. The same car that costs you less today can cost you more by the time you decide to seal the deal.

The AutoCoin can combat this issue successfully. This is because unlike fiat currency that is dependent on global exchange rate, AutoCoin is not. Instead, it remains stable regardless of fluctuations. This helps in making global transactions much more convenient than before.


It is safe to say that the AutoCoin surely makes purchasing cars an easier process than before. If you are tired of the hassle of buying cars the old way, give the AutoBlock and the AutoCoin a try.

Here’s How The AutoBlock Has Progressed Since Its Inception

progression of autoblock

When it comes down to implementing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into the automotive sector, it is safe to say that AutoBlock has been the pioneer. This platform doesn’t just use blockchain to offer fair vehicle valuation, but it has also created a cryptocurrency specifically for the auto industry. This cryptocurrency, called the AutoCoin signifies the mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto technology into industries.

When you look at AutoBlock’s journey, you realize that it has come quite far from where it began.

The early days

It all started back in 2017 with an idea. The idea was to streamline the auto sector by creating an integrated platform. During the early days (when the idea was generated), the whitepaper was then formed to identify present problems in the automotive industry that the proposed solution of the AutoBlock could solve.

This platform was to act as a bridge between car buyers and sellers. Later, the AutoBlock platform also incorporated P2P selling. The fact that it offers vehicle valuation systems allowed the AutoBlock to be viewed as a facilitator during an automotive transaction.

Current progress

Almost a year after the inception of the platform, the AutoBlock has managed to make a mark in the automotive sector. Within a year, it was able to launch the alpha version of its platform. The development of the API services of the platform also began early in 2018.

As of now, an e-Wallet, an AutoCoin card, and a cryptocurrency have all been set. The p2p platform is functional with various car dealers and p2p sellers on board. It has also conducted an ICO.

Future Endeavours

Now that the AutoBlock has progressed enough to deliver all the proposed solutions (which it claimed it would, in its white paper), it is now eyeing on ways to grow further. The mission of the company isn’t limited to any one location. The wish to revolutionize the way cars are bought and sold with the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Recently it was revealed that the AutoBlock is planning to grow its reach to a global level. The masterminds behind the company held a meeting with the Turks about a possible partnership. The meeting proved to be successful. The AutoBlock along with its Turkish partners will be able to use the blockchain technology to revamp the way car transactions occur at a global level.

Can the AutoBlock succeed on a global level?

Yes, it can. Why? One of the biggest reason the AutoBlock can and might succeed at a global level is that of the AutoCoin. AutoCoin, which is the automotive sector-specific cryptocurrency is an excellent alternative to fiat currency. It makes paying for vehicles a piece of cake. It allows for global transactions since it is not dependent on exchange rates. This easy to use currency along with the transparent system offered by the company is bound to resonate with the masses.


The AutoBlock has come a long way since its inception. Time will tell how much it will grow in the future.

Two Different Ways You Can Use The AutoCoin

using the autocoin

The predicted value of the global blockchain market for 2018 is 548.2 million USD. By 2021, this number is expected to increase to 2.3 billion USD. So, it is safe to say that blockchain technology is booming. Many sectors are being disrupted because of it. This includes the automotive industry. One blockchain solution that is causing an uproar is the AutoCoin delivered by the AutoBlock.

What is the AutoCoin?

For the first time since the inception of cryptocurrencies, we now have a digital currency specifically for the industry. The AutoCoin is a cryptocurrency developed by the AutoBlock solely for the automobile sector. It allows you to buy and sell cars without the use of fiat money. Its platform, is home to both dealers and personal sellers alike.

Ways you can use the AutoCoin

The AutoCoin can be used in two different ways, depending on the goal you are pursuing.

  1. Purchasing and selling cars

The first way you can use the security token is by using it for buying and selling cars. The AutoBlock only accepts this currency.  Dealers are given the incentive to accept AutoCoin as the payment by delivering bonus coins to them.

You might wonder, why should you use the AutoCoin to purchase cars when you can use fiat money instead. Well, using the AutoCoin for this purpose allows you to realize the following benefits:

  • You don’t need to pay the transaction fee, which is usually charged by financial intermediaries like banks
  • You don’t need to worry about global exchange rates when transacting across the border
  • The transfer of money is secure due to the use of an encrypted blockchain technology

Moreover, you can buy two types of cars using the AutoCoin. This includes old vehicles as well as new cars. How so? Well, the cryptocurrency is accepted on On this platform, you will find renowned car dealers selling new models and vehicles. Moreover, since the platform is also used for p2p selling, you will also find old trucks and cars on it as well. You can choose which type of vehicle to buy using the AutoCoin.

  1. A form of investment

AutoCoin is a type of security coin. The AutoBlock delivers dividends to those who own them. You can view it as your share in the company. As the automotive industry continues to grow, the lucrativeness of this solution also is poised to grow. Think about it. The AutoBlock and the AutoCoin have a first mover advantage. They are the pioneers of blockchain technology in the automotive sector. They are growing. So, if you invest in them by purchasing and storing AutoCoin, you can have a share in their profits.


If you are interested in purchasing or selling off your car in a convenient and hassle-free way, the AutoCoin can be beneficial for you. If you wish to invest in a solution that will disrupt a sector, AutoCoin is still the answer for you. Use the AutoCoin for whichever reason you want to. Rest assured that you will gain benefit one way or another.

Here’s Why Car Dealers Should Deal In Crypto

car dealer

Cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology. Bitcoin. Digital wallets. There was a time when all of these words were generally unheard of. However, those days are long gone. Now, blockchain has managed to creep into our lives in ways we never expected it to. The fact that the global market value of blockchain is now 548 million USD compared to 210 million USD in 2016 showcases how rapidly it is experiencing growth.

One sector that is experiencing beneficial disruption owing to the technology is the automotive sector. If you are a car dealer, you might want to consider dealing in cryptocurrency to realize the benefits associated with the technology.

Here are reasons why car dealers should deal in crypto.

  1. You don’t need to pay a high transaction cost

The problem with conducting transactions via credit card is that financial intermediaries like banks tend to charge a high transaction cost. Compared to this, crypto exchanges barely charge any transaction fee (and even none if you are lucky), This makes every transaction more profitable than what it would have been had you accepted fiat currency.

  1. Privacy and anonymity

The best thing about dealing in crypto is that customers don’t need to give any sensitive personal information to complete the transaction. Compared to conventional ways, this is much more secure both for dealers and clients. Why? Well, in the case of data theft, it is the company who has to bear the brunt of negative publicity and lawsuits. The fact that this mode of the transaction doesn’t require such information to begin with means it is the safer option for dealers as well.

  1. No dependence on exchange rates

Are you a car dealer who wishes to expand your operations to a global level? Well, using fiat currency can be quite a hassle when you are dealing with global customers. This is especially true if the currency of either the countries is prone to fluctuations. In the case of cryptocurrencies, they have a set value which is not affected by global exchange rates. Hence, it is a much more convenient mode of transaction.

  1. Others are doing it

Many car dealerships have realized the importance of crypto and have taken the leap towards it. As a car dealer, if you continue to resist the change, the chances are you will be left behind. You wouldn’t want to lose business just because you don’t accept crypto, do you?

The AutoBlock- A solution for you

Are you onboard with accepting cryptocurrencies as a viable form of payment? If so, you might want to sell cars using the AutoBlock’s platform, This platform already has various dealers and individual sellers on board. Every transaction on the platform occurs using the AutoCoin, which is a cryptocurrency explicitly made for the automobile industry. Using this solution allows you to mitigate the risk involved with using crypto.

Accept crypto payments. Blockchain and digital currencies are going mainstream. You must adopt it all before it is too late.

4 Reasons Why You Should Trust The AutoBlock’s ICO

autoblock Ico

If someone told you a few years ago that you will once consider investing in blockchain technology, the chances are you would have laughed at their naivety. However, now the tables have turned. Blockchain and cryptocurrency, two of the riskiest inventions of the past, are now being slowly considered as being a great asset to invest in.

Why so? This is because of the growth the blockchain sector is experiencing. It is projected to have a $60 billion market value by 2020. For a technology that was created a less than a decade ago, this is undoubtedly impressive. While previously blockchain was only limited to Bitcoin, now you see various solutions implementing the technology. One such answer is the AutoBlock.

Just like in IPO, where organizations sell their company shares to investors, the AutoBlock does the same via ICO. Those who invest in the ICO are provided with crowd sales, which is a type of return on investment. Choosing a quality ICO is very important to ensure that you don’t end up losing your money.

If you are thinking of investing in AutoBlock’s ICO, you don’t need to worry about this. This is because you can trust its ICO. Here is why.

  1. The automotive industry is set to grow

Whether or not you end up realizing profits on your investment depends on whether the company you invest in is developing and is profitable or not. The AutoBlock targets the automotive industry specifically. It delivers a blockchain based platform for buying and selling cars. It also provides a cryptocurrency for the platform to carry out transactions without the need of a financial intermediary. The automotive industry is experiencing tremendous growth. 81.5 million units of cars were sold in 2018 alone. So, not only is the solution unique, but it is also concentrated in a profitable industry.

  1. The solution offered is revolutionary

AutoBlock has the first mover advantage. It is the first company to provide a blockchain based solution to the automotive sector. Many believe that the solution can revolutionize the way transactions occur. When you consider how it is encouraging p2p selling and transcending borders, this is easy to visualize. The fact that the solution offered is transforming the automotive sector as we know it showcases the immense potential AutoBlock has. And as it succeeds, your ROI will increase.

  1. AutoBlock is keen on transparency

One of the biggest reasons why you should trust the AutoBlock is the company’s commitment to being transparent. If you peruse the whitepaper offered by the company, it is apparent that they believe in keeping their investors on the loop. The company is known to engage with its community and keep them updated about any news that affects them. Transparency is the biggest determinant of trust, and the AutoBlock has ensured it.

  1. Experienced team

The masterminds behind the AutoBlock are experts in the field of the blockchain. The fact that the team knows what they are doing means that your funds are in good hands. This also helps in building trust. Since the team has the expertise to realize their vision, one can expect the AutoBlock to grow.


Invest in the AutoBlock’s ICO. Jump on the bandwagon early to realize profits. Many are predicting that the solution will reap enormous profits for the company. You will want to be a part of it if that happens. Regardless of whether or not you decide to invest in its ICO, the fact remains that of all the ICO’s available, AutoBlock’s ICO is undoubtedly trustworthy.

Here’s How You Can Make An Investment With AutoBlock

autoblock investment

As blockchain technology becomes mainstream, we see more and more wanting to invest in it. What was previously an unknown and risky industry, blockchain managed to get a total investment of $1 million in 2017. It is safe to assume that this trend will only rise from here.

A lot of investment is being made in blockchain technology within the automotive industry. One such solution is the AutoBlock.

What is the AutoBlock?

The AutoBlock serves to be the ideal blockchain solution for the global automotive industry. This service was launched in early 2017 and has since succeeded in getting many customers on board. The idea behind AutoBlock revolved around the prevalent automotive industry’s structure where there was a lack of security and reliability in a transaction. This led to the use of financial intermediaries when buying and selling cars. The AutoBlock proposed a solution that eliminated the need of such intermediaries. Instead, by using blockchain technology, a platform was created that could be used to:

  • Make payments in a secure, reliable and risk-free way via the cryptocurrency, the AutoCoin
  • Deliver vehicle valuations which genuinely reflected the price of the given car and was not biased to favor the dealer
  • Access all vehicle data to ensure transparency during a transaction

Why you should make an investment with AutoBlock

Before we get into the “how” it is crucial to understand why. Why should you bother investing in the AutoBlock? Well, the solution offered by the AutoBlock is the first of its kind. Whether it be its encouragement of p2p selling or the use of cryptocurrency, these services were generally unheard of in the automotive sector previously. This means that that the AutoBlock is on the growth stage of its product life cycle. Jumping on the bandwagon today is likely to allow you to read a lot of unrealized profits.

How to invest with AutoBlock?

Investing with AutoBlock can be done via participating in its ICO. Here is how you can do so.

  1. Buy the right cryptocurrency

The AutoBlock supports payments in Ether. Therefore, it is one of the safe options for you to buy. It is essential for your security to buy it from a reliable platform. One such exchange platform is Coinbase. If you can’t access it, search up and look for other popular options.

Use the exchange account to purchase Ether or any other supported cryptocurrency. For this, you have to register an account and then transfer fiat currency from it. This currency will then be transported to your online wallet.

  1. Transfer the cryptocurrency to the AutoBlock’s wallet

AutoBlock has its own online wallet where you can store the coins. While you can use external AutoBlock wallets to keep your money secure, it is much better to transfer it to the AutoBlock’s wallet since this one is secured by the company itself and is equipped with various protective features.

  1. Wait for ICO and begin contributing

Wait for the AutoBlock to announce its ICO. When it does, participate in it. Alternatively, you can also participate in the Pre-STO.


Invest in the AutoBlock today. Take benefit from its growing popularity.