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Here’s What You Can Expect When You Invest In The AutoBlock

Investment in a new venture is often viewed as a risky affair by many; and rightly so since you are unclear about the expected returns. You can either win big or lose even bigger. Many new businesses and startups that now have wide acceptance were once met with the same mistrust. The blockchain technology was among the industries that were considered the riskiest investment in its infancy. But fast forward few years, and it is now mainstream with an expected net market value of about $60 billion by 2020.

The blockchain technology has disrupted many industries since its inception in 2008. Initially developed for Bitcoin, the technology is now offering innovative solutions in various industries. One such solution is The AutoBlock which is considered as the pioneer of implementing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the automotive sector.

The Autoblock is a platform that allows you to buy and sell vehicles using a cryptocurrency called the AutoCoin. It also allows you to engage in p2p buying and selling; hence ensuring a hassle-free experience. It presents compelling investment opportunities to almost anyone. In this article, you can find out what to expect when you invest in The AutoBlock.

  1. Dividend and Bonuses:

A dividend is a fixed amount per company share — the more shares you own, the more reward you will receive. When a company earns a profit, the company can reinvest it in the business and pay a proportion of the gain as a reward to token holders.

The Auto Coin offered by the Autoblock will be a security token which will pay rewards annually. The reward will be calculated based on the number of tokens in the Auto Coin wallet at the end of each tax year. Payments will be made in Auto Coin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The company also plans to include fiat currency in it. The qualifying criteria for a token holder to receive the reward is laid out in section 5.0 of the company’s whitepaper.

  1. Free listings in car portals:

The AutoBlock has an established car portal that can be an alternative advertising medium for classic car dealers, who currently spend huge amounts to reach potential customers. Dealers can showcase their collection to car enthusiasts all over the world through live feeds. The portal provides free listings for the Auto Coin holders. This increases the chances of appearing higher in Google search results related to crypto car purchase keywords.

  1. Transparency and Security:

When investing in The AutoBlock, you can always expect security and transparency in the process. Trading in fiat currency involves security concerns and financial intermediaries like Banks and merchant accounts which makes you dubious about the process. Rest assured, the blockchain technology is secure, and the team behind The AutoBlock is keen on ensuring transparency. The AutoBlock takes measures to keep the investors in the loop which makes it an excellent investment opportunity.


The fact that AutoBlock takes a multi-faceted approach to introduce new technology and services into the automotive industry enables it to open a myriad of profit opportunities for investors. The AutoBlock offers benefits via exchange, sales portal, vehicle valuation, and data services and with the first mover advantage in the industry, you can be certain about the profits.

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