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Here’s How You Can Make An Investment With AutoBlock

As blockchain technology becomes mainstream, we see more and more wanting to invest in it. What was previously an unknown and risky industry, blockchain managed to get a total investment of $1 million in 2017. It is safe to assume that this trend will only rise from here.

A lot of investment is being made in blockchain technology within the automotive industry. One such solution is the AutoBlock.

What is the AutoBlock?

The AutoBlock serves to be the ideal blockchain solution for the global automotive industry. This service was launched in early 2017 and has since succeeded in getting many customers on board. The idea behind AutoBlock revolved around the prevalent automotive industry’s structure where there was a lack of security and reliability in a transaction. This led to the use of financial intermediaries when buying and selling cars. The AutoBlock proposed a solution that eliminated the need of such intermediaries. Instead, by using blockchain technology, a platform was created that could be used to:

  • Make payments in a secure, reliable and risk-free way via the cryptocurrency, the AutoCoin
  • Deliver vehicle valuations which genuinely reflected the price of the given car and was not biased to favor the dealer
  • Access all vehicle data to ensure transparency during a transaction

Why you should make an investment with AutoBlock

Before we get into the “how” it is crucial to understand why. Why should you bother investing in the AutoBlock? Well, the solution offered by the AutoBlock is the first of its kind. Whether it be its encouragement of p2p selling or the use of cryptocurrency, these services were generally unheard of in the automotive sector previously. This means that that the AutoBlock is on the growth stage of its product life cycle. Jumping on the bandwagon today is likely to allow you to read a lot of unrealized profits.

How to invest with AutoBlock?

Investing with AutoBlock can be done via participating in its ICO. Here is how you can do so.

  1. Buy the right cryptocurrency

The AutoBlock supports payments in Ether. Therefore, it is one of the safe options for you to buy. It is essential for your security to buy it from a reliable platform. One such exchange platform is Coinbase. If you can’t access it, search up and look for other popular options.

Use the exchange account to purchase Ether or any other supported cryptocurrency. For this, you have to register an account and then transfer fiat currency from it. This currency will then be transported to your online wallet.

  1. Transfer the cryptocurrency to the AutoBlock’s wallet

AutoBlock has its own online wallet where you can store the coins. While you can use external AutoBlock wallets to keep your money secure, it is much better to transfer it to the AutoBlock’s wallet since this one is secured by the company itself and is equipped with various protective features.

  1. Wait for ICO and begin contributing

Wait for the AutoBlock to announce its ICO. When it does, participate in it. Alternatively, you can also participate in the Pre-STO.


Invest in the AutoBlock today. Take benefit from its growing popularity.

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