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4 Ways The AutoBlock P2P Platform Can Be Beneficial To You

81.5 million cars will be sold globally by the end of 2018. This number is enough to showcase the immense growth of the automobile sector is experiencing. Another industry that is booming is the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Its market value is expected to reach a staggering amount of $60 billion in 2 years.

The good news is that the two sectors can combine to deliver significant benefits to automobile customers and sellers. And the AutoBlock is already offering such a solution. The AutoBlock uses blockchain technology to provide the AutoCoin, a cryptocurrency that allows you to buy and sell cars. At the same time, you can also indulge in P2P buying and selling through the AutoBlock’s p2p platform.

Are you hesitant of giving the platform a try? Well, here are the benefits you can realize if you use the AutoBlock’s p2p platform.

  1. Buying and selling across borders

This platform links you to buyers and sellers from across the globe. Unlike dealerships, where you have limited choice, by using this P2P platform, you can get connected to potential buyers and sellers from all over the world. How do you carry out the transaction with them? You do so via the AutoCoin.

  1. It doesn’t require any transaction fee

Since the platform allows you to use cryptocurrency to complete the transaction, you don’t need to bear the extra cost associated with financial intermediaries. Previously, you had to go through banks to carry out a deal. After all, that is how fiat currency works. However, since this p2p platform uses a decentralized blockchain technology, the need for financial intermediaries is eliminated. And so is the cost that comes with them.

  1. It ensures complete anonymity

A lot of people are hesitant of directly purchasing or selling to individuals due to the chance of identity theft. After all, in most cases, you have to give a lot of sensitive information. However, in the case of AutoBlock’s p2p platform, you don’t need to provide any such information. Instead, your complete anonymity is ensured. Moreover, the blockchain technology encrypts your data. This further reduces the chance of identity theft, which is a risk present when you use financial institutions as well.

  1. No dependence on exchange rates

While the value of your transaction may be dependent on exchange rates if you opt for other p2p platforms, this is not the case with the AutoBlock. Since it uses cryptocurrency, you don’t need to worry about the prevailing exchange rate when selling or purchasing the vehicle. Instead, the cryptocurrency remains stable at all times.

How to use the p2p platform?

Are you convinced about the benefits of using the AutoBlock’s p2p platform? If so, to use it, go and visit Find the vehicle of your choice. Make sure you understand the specifications and costs. Shop away and complete your transaction by using the AutoCoin.


Give the p2p platform a try. Trust us when we say that it is completely secured. The AutoBlock is causing major disruption in the automobile sector. Jump onto the bandwagon and benefit today.

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