The Reasons Why Your Car Chassis Cannot Last Long

For the quality of the vehicle, many drivers will judge the quality of the car from the engine or gearbox of the car, because their models and specific dynamic parameters can be seen directly during driving. For the car as a whole system, there is a very important part, but few people pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages. This is the car chassis. In the chassis of different models, some cars can last for a long time, but some are easy to be broken, why?

The chassis of the car carries the weight of the entire body and has many important systems. The role of the chassis means a lot, such as to be responsible for the transmission of car power, for the direction of the car, and even the role of shock absorption and shock absorbers. In the actual use of the driving, comfort and stability are very important. The quality of the car chassis plays an important role in the quality of a car.

The reason why the chassis of the car is loose is probably due to the loose design of the chassis during the design of the car. For some Japanese vehicles, in order to pursue a better driving experience in the driving process, the designer designed the suspension system of the car loose so that the shock absorber cannot stablize the car so that the chassis of the vehicle is loose during driving. The same situation will occur on high-speed roads. Many drivers will feel that the driving process is unstable and the suspension is not tight.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a reliable auto rubber parts manufacturer which has various kinds of international advanced production lines and high-quality professionals, committed to new product development and brand operations with strict scientific management which leads to remarkable results. Such as AA-TOP which is specialized in producing Engine Mount, Strut Mount, Control Arm, Tie Rod, Bushing, Timing Belt, V-Ribbed Belt and Cogged V-Belt. Products have passed ISO/TS16949 quality management system,and exported to more than 100 countries, inclucing Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia,etc. Long term cooperation with big buyers and famous brands had been established in Germany, USA, Turkey and other countries.

In addition, other reasons why the chassis is unstable is because the hardness of some parts of the chassis is not enough, which has a certain impact on the stability of the car body. Some cars choose materials that are not particularly good in terms of the use of parts, which can lead to parts that do not work well when bumps occur, and the site is unstable during the ride. For example, AA-TOP emsures enough hardeness of auto rubber parts. As a giude and force transmission component of automotive suspension system, AA-TOP control arm transmits various forces acting on the wheel to the car body and manage the motion of wheels. The control arms are made of high-strength lightweight steel and welded by CNC robot which can guarantee our parts with oerfect appearance and stable quality.

Supreme raw materials also matter a lot. For example, for a rubber bushing, the natural rubber is better from Thailand and Malaysia, content 60% rubber abd 60-70 degree Shore Hardness. Rubber density is more enhanced with the world’s most advanced injection technology, while improving the quality of the product and controlling the effective cost. International standard seamless steel pipes can chieve a better adhesive and anti-rust performance after sand-blast and phosphating.

In the process of using the car chassis, there are many reasons that may make the car chassis loose. Some reasons are due to the design factors of the car itself, but some factors are inevitable use, if the chassis requirements are high, To choose the right car chassis, check and repair during the use, so that your chassis will remain stable as new.