Basic car maintenance tips

Keeping your car in shape takes a lot of hard work than you can even imagine. Most car experts will tell you that owning a car is a liability, but research proves how proper adherence to basic car maintenance can significantly reverse that notion. For instance, you should only buy spare parts from reputable vendors who sell High Performance Radiators or and other engine components. It will also be best if your car was only repaired by professional mechanics who know how to do fluid tests such as brake fluid test. 

High-quality once in a while, repairs will significantly save you from constant breakdowns and keep your car’s performance at its peak. Proper maintenance raises the resale value wear and tear, notwithstanding. To realize such benefits, here are essential car maintenance tips every car owner should practice:


  • Wash the car at least once a week


While washing the car may seem like a mere act of cleanliness, it significantly impacts the durability and longevity. Besides keeping it shiny, cleaning saves your car from corrosion by abrasive dirt particles and spilled liquids such as soda, liquor, or even coffee. When cleaning, it is also important to do a thorough interior vacuuming because dust tends to accumulate more in the interior than the exterior. (Most car owners focus on cleaning the exterior parts only). Another important thing that you shouldn’t forget is cleaning the mats to protect them from dust corrosion.


  • Take care of the car tyres 


Most tyres are built for longevity, but that doesn’t mean that they should be neglected. You should consider rotating your tyres every six months or after every 8,000 miles to even out their wear and get the most extended life possible out of them. However, if the tyres seem adversely worn out, you should consider replacing them with new ones. On replacement, you should either do it in pairs or four of them at once, as replacing a single tire is insignificant unless the rest are still new. 


  • Maintain your battery car


While most manufacturers will insist that their car batteries are maintenance-free, it is your due responsibility to ensure that your car battery serves you for the longest time possible. Basic car battery maintenance tips entail that you only charge your car battery once it is filled with fresh distilled water. It is also advisable to charge the car battery with caps in place. When inside the car, you must ensure that the terminals are always clean. You can wipe with a damp rag initially soaked in detergent. It is also vital to switch off the car to avoid electrocution when handling the battery. 


  • Get a reliable insurer


Lastly, it would be best if you considered getting a reliable insurer who will indemnify your car damages in time because accidents are, at times, inevitable in today’s highways. You must also ensure that the damaged parts are only replaced with original parts from reliable and accredited vendors. If possible, you should even outsource delicate parts from the manufacturer,

The above tips will keep your car up to the task for the longest time possible! Remember also to drive carefully and avoid deep potholes!