The Differences Between Minor and Major Car Accidents

Even though most insurance companies do not classify auto accidents as minor or major, knowing the difference between the two can help you determine the severity of your accident. 

You probably have heard the media define auto accidents as minor or major, but these terms are not common among the law. But comparing the two can assist you in deciding if you should file a claim. 

What are Considered Major Accidents?

Major accidents are more or less considered severe accidents. These accidents always include damage to the vehicles involved and injuries are usually permanent or long-lasting, and sometimes even fatal. 

When involved in a major accident, it is crucial to file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for medical bills, damages, loss of work, pain, and suffering. 

What are Considered Minor Accidents?

Minor accidents are less severe and usually, no injuries or damage to the vehicles are reported. Those that do suffer from injuries in a minor accident include minor issues such as a sore neck or a small bruise. 

Even though these accidents are not considered serious, there are times it will be beneficial to still file a personal injury claim.

Filing a Claim

Keep in mind that some injuries do take time to show up. Whether you are involved in a minor or major car accident, you should receive medical attention to ensure you are properly treated for any injuries. Doing so will protect your health and better your chances of filing a successful claim. 

Always report an accident right away to your insurance company and other authority if needed. Then, meet with a personal injury attorney to help you decide if you should further pursue a claim. 

Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

Every state has its own set of laws when it comes to personal injury accidents and claims. You should always speak with experienced auto accident lawyers in Philadelphia after being involved in an accident to know what you are dealing with. Lawyers who specialize in personal injury will know the state laws and know if your claim is worth filing.