How To Hire And Drive A Car In Ireland

Renting and driving a car around the Ireland country is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of Ireland. Ireland is well known for its narrow and scary winding roads. Ireland is such a diverse country where you can rent a car and stop anywhere to discover small villages, castles, and go hiking in the mountains at your own pace. But there are many precautions and tips you should take before hiring and driving a car in Ireland.

Tips For Renting A Car In Ireland:

  • You should decide where to rent a car in Ireland. Also, you can search for the best site to book your rental car. Search for both local and international car rental companies to find the rental car at the best possible and lowest price. Then it would be the easiest way for you to rent a car in Ireland.
  • One should never ever book a car without reading reviews of the Car rental company. Then you can find the rental car from a good and genuine company.
  • Always you may not be able to know the make/model/type of car you booked for rental. Whenever they gave you a smaller car or a manual you should ask them for a car which is an automatic, be pushy and ask for an upgrade.
  • Make sure to inspect your car thoroughly and make a note of the damages of the car you notice before taking it for rental. Also, if any damages occurred to the car before you hand over to the company record a video on your Smartphone pointing out damage. Then you will be saved out of the damage that they try to charge you for damage that was already there.
  • Be attentive to know whether the car you rented takes regular petrol or diesel fuel. So, that you can fill up the car tank with the correct type at gas stations.
  • You can save money by booking your car with a credit card that comes with car insurance in Ireland. Make sure to read the fine print carefully, because many people assume their card covers Car insurance Ireland.
  • Depending on the type of car you rent in Ireland will cost you around $25-$40 USD a day.
  • So, you people are recommended to rent a car with an actual trunk in order to hide your luggage from prying eyes.
  • To know the directions of the places you want to visit, use Google Maps on your Smartphone. 
  • Know the age allowance for renting a car in Ireland.
  • Also, you should know the Irish driving laws that are available in the country.
  • Make sure to have an international driving license with you.
  • If you choose to use your own credit card car insurance then the rental company will charge you €30 EURO in the name of the admin fee.
  • Car rentals in Ireland will charge a very high tax rate of 13.6% from you. So, check where the tax rate is lower and hire a car for rent.
  • You should also pay an additional fee for one-way car rentals. This would vary from one company to another company. For suppose, if you want to leave or drop off the car in a city other than where you started from. Then you will have to pay an additional fee.

Precautions For Driving A Car In Ireland:

Now let us see the precautions you should take before driving a car in Ireland. This will really help you, people, to avoid some unnecessary roadway situation that takes place in Ireland.

  • In many smaller towns of Ireland, local shepherds usually move their sheep to go on the roads. So that this will make you easily round a sharp bend. And then you will not get stuck behind a huge flock walking down the road.
  • There are no standard break-down lanes in the Narrow back roads in Ireland as in other countries. So, there is no room for error or pulling over.
  • While passing other cars, sometimes your side-view mirror will be inches away from stone walls or hedges. This will make your driving result in nerve-wracking.
  • Always make a note to carry some cash to pay at the road tolls on Ireland’s major highways. Because the Irish tolls will charge you from $1-$3 for a passenger car.
  • In the countryside, some of the roads are the single lane with traffic in both directions. In this case, there are pull-outs available. So, that one of you can pull over for the other to pass.

Hence these are the tips and precautions you should consider while hiring and driving a car in Ireland.