How ToMake It To 100,000 Miles Or More

People are holding on to their cars for longer than ever before. In fact, it is estimated that in the US the average age of a passenger vehicle is approaching 12 years. 

What does this mean for our cars? It means that the number of miles on the clock we’re seeing is higher than ever, with 6 figures on the odometer not being an uncommon sight. 

The trouble is that when our cars get to this point, things start to break.General wear and tear alone can mean that you are finding yourself replacing more parts and doing so more often. 

How can you maintain your vehicle to make sure it still runs smoothly at 100,000 miles?

  • Regular Oil Changes & A High Mileage Oil Change 

Making sure your car has oil is fundamental to the smooth running of your car. It helps to keep the parts lubricated and cooled. As a result, it means they stay healthy and in working order for longer while reducing the risk of avoidable damage.Oil should be changed on a regular basis if you want your car to run efficiently. When your car reaches 75,000 miles you should also consider a high mileage oil change. 

This involves switching your car’s oil over to one designed for older cars. It has added benefits such as a seal conditioner. This helps prevent the leaks and seal breakage that is common as cars get older. Failing to change your oil can mean anything from a loud running engine, to hearing more creaks than usual, and finding a build-up of grime and sludge in the engine. 

Worst case scenario, it can cause your engine to fail. Making sure you’re carrying out regular oil changes puts you in the best position to keep your engine sounding and feeling healthy. 

  • Make Sure You’re Looking After Your Brakes 

Working brakes are of course essential to any vehicle. It is important that you make sure you’re looking after them. This can be as easy as treating them right and avoiding slamming your brakes wherever possible. Being too heavy on the brakes (and doing so too often) will mean you find yourself replacing your brakes and brake pads more often than necessary. This will also increase the level of emissions your vehicle is producing. 

Making gradual, smooth stops instead of slamming on your brakes can help them to last longer. It might sound simple, but this can make a huge difference to the health of your brake system. 

  • Make Some Time For Some TLC 

Are you a frequent car washer or do you avoid it completely? Washing your car can help it last longer. 

That might sound crazy, but cars can easily build up a layer of sludge, mold, and road salt. These can cause both damages and wear to your car’s exterior over time. This can make it look older than it is! 

Washing and waxing your car regularly can help keep the exterior protected. If you don’t like doing it yourself, there’s always the car wash! 

  • Drive Safely 

The key to making it to 100,000 miles or more in any vehicle is to make sure you are driving carefully and being safe. This will help you in many other ways too including a reduced insurance premium and helping to keep both yourself and the other road users safe. 

  • Keep On Top Of Maintenance And Repairs 

The easiest way for small issues to become big ones is to ignore them. This can be said for most things in life and cars are no exception. By making sure you keep on top of minor repairs and regular maintenance means that you can avoid any unnecessary further damage to your vehicle. 

Making sure you attend a regular service will help to identify any issues that are easy to fix such as problems with your brakes and tires which could cause costly problems if left. 

Can You Get Your Car To 100,000 Miles? 

These are just a few simple ways to help keep your car in the best state so that it lasts as long as possible. The best thing you can do is to keep up with your regular maintenance checks and service. 

This will help to pick up any issues (or potential issues) on your car before they cause you any problems. 

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