Motorhome holidays: what to consider

Traveling long distances, stopping where you like best and enjoying a trip without depending on schedules, are some of the advantages of living a vacation in a motorhome or motorhome . A global trend that has been increasing in recent years at the local level, although rental rates are still expensive in our country. However, organizing a motorhome or motorhome vacation is not as simple as it sounds. In this note we will tell you everything you have to take into account so that the adventure turns out as you dreamed it.

Chosen places and where to camp

From Motor Home Time they say: “The fantastic thing about our country is that camping is free and our motorhomes are totally autonomous. That is why where you discovered a dream place you can stop and camp. In urbanized areas it is advisable to store the motorhome in a private parking lot to go on excursions or walk around the city.

The most chosen places: Patagonia in summer, the Bariloche area and the lakes. There are those who rent more than a month and travel throughout the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia; passing through El Calafate, Torres del Paine and Ushuaia. In winter there are more trips to the NW and the Iguazu Falls.

Facundo Rosón, Lucila Signoretti, their son Valentino and their dog Tita traveled the European continent by car, camper, motorhome, bicycle and on foot. All this experience was captured in the blog Pie y pata.

What license do you need?

Campers and light motorhomes fall into the B1 registration category (up to 3,500 kg) which is what most people have. If it is greater than 3,500 kg, you need a category C driver’s license.

How much does it cost?

In general, people rent campers or motorhomes. Mobile homes are less in demand, it is a home trailer that is towed with a vehicle. Read more information about Travel Trailer manufacturer. The camper is like a traffic with bed-type seats, in the back there is a drawer that can be removed by opening the doors of the van and it has two cooktops (some come with an external shower to shower outdoors).

And the motorhomeIt is a vehicle and a house at the same time (with beds, bathroom, living room, kitchen and refrigerator). The Motor Home Time company offers different options: camper for 2 people (from 6 to 14 days, $ 2,070 per day) and motorhome for 5 people (15 days or more, $ 4,000 per day). Prices include kilometers, roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance. In addition, you can store your car in the motorhome delivery base for the duration of the trip and thus make better use of the time and start your vacation directly from the base. The units come equipped with hot and cold water, heating, air conditioning, full kitchen, full bathroom, and refrigerator. Finally, once the adventure is over, the traveler must return the motorhome in good condition. That is, clean and with a full tank.