It is common for the bride and groom to use Wedding Car services for the wedding day , either for the convenience of forgetting about the bride’s travel, between the ceremony and the banquet, or when the newlyweds return home. , either by adding one more point to the personal design of the event. Here you have a series of tips, tricks and useful directions to rent a car for the wedding.

The first question that the bride and groom should ask themselves before renting a car for their wedding is what type of car will be most appropriate for them. The market offers a wide variety of options, but it will depend on the type and style of wedding to be carried out, the route to be traveled and the dates on which it takes place, as well as other factors more related to the comfort of the bride. : Could you get into a Hummer with a mermaid neckline dress that doesn’t allow you to spread your legs?

Once you have decided the type of car you want to rent, you also have to decide whether or not to do it with a driver. The price varies notably between services with a driver and those that do not, but the difference is also notable, because if you do not have a driver, you have to think about who will take care of it.

If the car is going to take the bride and groom to the place where they are staying at the end of the celebration, it must also be a person who does not taste alcohol throughout the wedding. In cases with a driver, it will be necessary to pay attention to the schedule of the same so as not to have unpleasant surprises if at the end of the link their services are going to be required.

In addition, there are companies that offer other extras, such as champagne and other cold drinks inside the vehicle and even something to eat. This is more common in limousines for an equipment issue, although certain modern Bentleys even have a refrigerated space for drinks and glassware to toast inside the car.


Once you have chosen the type of car and the desired service, it is time to get down to work. The Internet offers all kinds of options, ranging from owners of an old car that rent it for special occasions to standard car rental companies that also have a specialized wedding service, such as Europcar , which has a high-end variety and offers a driver.

The most advisable thing is usually to bet on a company, especially because of the capacity that is assumed in front of individuals to face an unforeseen event, such as a breakdown or a blow. However, the rental agreement should be carefully studied to ensure that in a pinch, there is a vehicle available to complete the journey on the wedding day.

Also, as with any service or product that is commissioned for the wedding, it is best to look a lot, compare prices and services and do it well in advance to guarantee the availability of what one wants.

In almost every autonomous community there are car rental companies for weddings, whether classic or modern, although there are also companies that work nationwide. This is the case of Vintage Cars , which is based in Madrid and Barcelona but also has a fleet of cranes that take the classic car of your choice to the door of your home anywhere else in Spain. It’s the place to find American classics from another time, from Telma and Louise’s Cadillac to a Buick that will make you think of Grease.

In Luxury Classics  you have another great catalog of classics more to the European one. They provide service in the center of the Peninsula although they admit other destinations and study the feasibility. They have, among other jewels, the Bentley SII Bicolor that appears in the Velvet series and the always spectacular Hurtan convertible. By the way, they rent Food Trucks for the bride and groom who want to give their wedding cocktail a fun touch.


Another option is to rent a motorcycle with a sidecar, which, depending on the company, will be driven by the bride and groom or a driver, as is the case with Tu Sidecar , in Seville. It is convenient to take a tour of Vespa for Events, and Blafer Motos because there are companies that, charging a plus, move the vehicle to the point of the national territory that is requested. In any case, it is advisable to have a plan B in case it rains!