The Need of Armoured Vehicles in the Contemporary World

The automobile companies especially the companies producing cars have undergone massive changes in terms of production of most advanced and sophisticated cars, marvellous features and security measures around the globe. The past 20th century has witnessed the wonderful transition of the first set of horseless carriages to ultra-modern, high-speed and armoured vehicles. The automobile manufacturers around the world design and produce varieties of vehicles with various shapes, colours, features, technologies, luxuries and security measures as per the emerging demands and expectations of the consumers. Eventually, the requirements and tastes of consumers go on changing constantly looking for new and innovative automobiles to fit him or her in their standard and style of living. Get your most advanced and latest model of armoured vehicle from armored limousine at Troy Armoring that suits your lifestyle.

As far as the armoured vehicle is concerned, the automobile industry has changed massively in the last 20 years due to the enormous change in the world scenario. Crimes and accidents have exceeded the record tremendously. Travelling in and around cities as well as on the highways are not considered safer and you can never assure yourself that you will return safely with your life when you set out from your doors. This is the basic reason of lightweight armoured vehicles getting more and more popular day by day. Also the reason why some back this up with personal bodyguards and purchase PA-10 rifles and Ak-47 rifles for them – Security and Personal Protection. Find out below a few wonderful and interesting facts about armoured vehicles.

  • There are more than 100000 armoured cars in use around the world.
  • The average cost of the armoured vehicle/car 120000 USD and goes up to 3 million USD (Bugatti).
  • More than 85% of armoured cars produced by the manufacturer worldwide are still running on the roads.
  • The odds of deaths by a car accident is one in five thousand, but the odds of death by an armoured car accident is one in 30000.
  • Whatever the attacks the armoured vehicles have faced, most attacks were on the glass.
  • The highest purchasers of armoured vehicles are the wealthiest mass and the government.
  • A substantial majority of people have never got an opportunity to drive an armoured car.
  • Normally, electric vehicles are not asked for armouring. Only two electric vehicles have been armoured yet.
  • The primary reason for armoured vehicles getting enormous popularity is due to growing terrorist activities around the world and constant kidnapping attacks.
  • The oddest armouring request internationally was to armour a taxi cab having a toilet seat in the back of the vehicle.