The Difference is in the Sponge  

We all wash our vehicles. We all use some type of soap or cleaning solution and many of us even care enough to wax our trusted rides. If our vehicles don’t really get clean though or if we leave soap residue or cleaning deposits on our vehicle then we may be causing more harm than good. The difference is often all about the car wash sponge you are using.

Sponges for a Proper Car Wash

Washing our vehicles is honestly just another step in keeping our vehicles maintained and a way to help them last longer. The fact that the new car wash shine is beautiful merely happens to be an added benefit. Washing our vehicles properly and getting that car wash shine, however, means using the right car wash sponges.

For Cleaning

A good car wash sponge is an effective tool to loosen dirt and to they help our cleaning soaps to perform better. The right car wash sponges won’t harm the surface of your vehicle or harm the paint. It is important to use clean sponges and it is advisable to use several car wash sponges during the process of washing to avoid the transfer of dirt and deposits.

For Rinsing and Drying

Using the right sponges will also make rinsing and drying (where applicable) easier and more productive. When applying the second rinse or when using a foam cleaner, car wash sponges should be used to address and free any areas of soap build-up or resistant dirt spots. When drying your vehicle, it is important not to leave any streaks and to be thorough to avoid water spots or other blemishes. Sponges are generally the best way to accomplish this and to give your vehicle that amazing car wash shine.

The Difference is in the Sponge

It is important to use a good soap that cleans safely and effectively. It is important to rinse your car thoroughly and if you are dedicated to the health and life of your vehicle, properly waxing your vehicle will pay dividends. Although all of those details are true, without a good car wash sponge you may be wasting your time.

Make sure that you have the tools to work the soap in and get at that dirt. Use the right techniques to make sure that your car is free of dirt and soap residue when rinsing and apply that wax evenly, smoothly and correctly. The right car wash sponge will help you wash, rinse and even wax your car the right way. The difference really can be all about the sponge.