Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz, Recognize the Disease

Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz – This German car is synonymous with luxury and comfort for all its passengers. The car that is often called the Mercy is also famous for its strong body and powerful engine.

In general, the car bearing the Three Stars is favored by middle-aged men. Convenience is guaranteed to be one of the reasons for choice. However, there are also young businessmen or young men who are also fond of this brand’s vehicle.

Its image is different from that of BMW, which is more popular with young people because of its performance and a more sporty appearance. Mercedes-Benz has accompanied officials to the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, so that the impression of luxury is very attached.

In line with his image which is synonymous with rich people, Mercy is feared by some because of the high price tag. This also affects the used car because it is considered that the price of spare parts is expensive, wasteful of fuel and complicated maintenance.

This makes the price of used Mercedes-Benz on the market fairly cheap. Many people hesitate to have it because of the various images attached. But the fact is not so, Mercy can be a fun travel companion. Especially if we recognize the weaknesses and know a trusted specialist repair shop.

Before asking for a used Mercedes-Benz, it’s a good idea to know the ins and outs of this German vehicle. By knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the car you are after, it will save more time and money.

Weaknesses of a Used Mercedes-Benz

Waste of fuel

This is actually natural, because used Mercedes-Benz generally use large capacity engines. The mechanical heart is large because it is used to move the vehicle body which is quite heavy.

The car material used to give the impression of being comfortable and safe has an impact on the excess weight of the vehicle. As a result, it requires a powerful engine so that it is not sluggish when used.

In fact, the higher the caste of a vehicle like the S Class, the larger the engine being carried. For novice players, you should ask for the Mercy C Class. For the year of manufacture of the 2000s and above, the engine is equipped with a turbocharger. So it will be more efficient and friendly to the owner’s pocket.

Wiring Harness

Buying an old car from the European continent should pay attention to the condition of the cables to the sockets. The difference in climate with a hotter Southeast Asia will make these components break down more quickly.

Damaged cables can cause various damage to the vehicle. Damage to the cable can cause the MID display on the meter panel to light up and show an error code. Even though it could be an error because the socket is no longer good.

The functions of the cables themselves are quite diverse and at worst can cause a fire due to a short circuit or short circuit. Therefore, you should pay attention to this section and it is better to invite mechanics.


Those of you who want to ask for a used Mercedes-Benz, you should consider the spare parts. Especially those who want to have units from the old year, let alone tend to be classic. Because the longer the year of manufacture, the more difficult to find spare parts.

Beginners who want to own a Mercedes-Benz for the first time, should look at the 2000s production year. With this, you will get a vehicle that is comfortable and luxurious and maintenance is not too difficult.

On European cars, you can’t easily get fake or KW parts. Even if there is, the quality is not guaranteed so that the service life is relatively short and tends to disappoint. In addition, you have to go back and forth to the workshop. But don’t worry, in you will get special discount if you service in

Expensive tax

The initial or new price tag is relatively high and the engine capacity is large, making the tax charged quite expensive. At least compared to cars made in Japan in general.

For that, then prepare more funds if your favorite Mercedes-Benz has entered the time to pay annual or five-year taxes.

Specialist workshop

Before you decide to maintain a Mercedes-Benz unit, you should look for a reliable repair shop location. Because the workshops that can handle Mercy are not as many as cars from Japan in general.

You can dig up information in advance for special Mercy or European car workshops, through communities or social media. Usually they have a trusted repair shop recommendation, so you don’t have to worry about being deceived by naughty mechanics.

Dark price

For some types, Mercedes-Benz falls into the category of rare and valuable collections. This makes unit prices dark and there is no specific benchmark. Especially if the condition of the vehicle is very original and still excellent.