Coronavirus and Car: What You Need to Know About Buying a Car

Looking to buy a car in Huntsville, Al, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Want to learn everything there is to know about buying a car while being stuck inside your home due to coronavirus? 

COVID-19 has raised many questions across the world, including how unsafe public transportation is when the risk of infection is so high in such close proximity. Due to this risk and uncertainty, many people have chosen to venture out of their homes in the safety of their own cars. However, those who don’t have their own commute are looking to buy a vehicle. With that said, the coronavirus has even changed the face of the car buying process.

Before the pandemic and the resultant lockdowns, buying a car was an experience in its own. You’d find the right auto dealers in Huntsville, Al, and then head over to the dealerships to view the cars on display or look for the one that you want. Then, you’d take your chosen car out for a test drive and if you liked it, you’d make a deal with the dealership. However, all of that has drastically changed during these times.

So, how has buying a car changed during the coronavirus pandemic?

Here’s everything you need to know about car buying during COVID-19:

Buying a Car Will Be a Virtual Experience

A new survey by Capgemini discovered that 60% of potential buyers will now be more inclined to buy a car online rather than at a dealership. This isn’t surprising since car buying was already headed in this direction before the pandemic, but the current situation has forced dealerships and customers to change their course even quicker than before.

The virtual experience of buying a car will involve the use of an app to talk to the car salesman. As for the paperwork, your valet will most likely bring it to you and you’ll fill it all at home or even online via the app.

Post-COVID-19 Car Deals

Thanks to the effects of the coronavirus on the market, buyers will benefit from lower prices. With that said, you will have the option of buying three models – the ones left over from 2019, current 2020 models, and early 2021 models. Even though there will be incredible deals such as 0% financing for 84 months, very few buyers will qualify for them.

Moreover, due to the shifting sands of the post-COVID-19 world, it’ll be hard to know the dealer’s bottom line. However, if you buy toward the end of the month, then you’ll be able to negotiate a good price as that’s when dealers want to move their inventory the most.

Car Buying Will Become More Efficient

Due to the shift to the virtual world, car buying will eventually become much less time-consuming and more streamlined. Contactless transactions, home deliveries, pickup and drop-off services for car purchases, etc., will truly help the buyers and dealers alike. One employee will be able to oversee the entire buying process including the test drive and delivering the vehicle to the owner’s home.

Your Chosen Car Will Be Delivered to Your Home for a Test Drive

Once you select your car, it will be delivered to your home for a test drive. Even though this type of “concierge” service has been a part of the services offered by luxurious car manufacturers for quite some time, it will eventually become the exclusive way to sell cars.

Car Buying Will Be Technology Driven

Buying a car now and in the near future will be more of a technology-driven and independent experience than before. If you have numerous questions about the car that you want to buy or are confused about which car you want, then it might be a bit challenging for you. This is because it won’t be as much of a hands-on approach from the dealership, where they will guide and even encourage you to buy a certain car such as the exquisite 2020 Hyundai cars.

You will have to choose a car on your own and then reach out to the dealership to request a test drive. There might be a lot of technology-driven back and forth involved, particularly if you don’t know what it is that you want. You might even have to negotiate with the dealership via your phone or e-mail. So, if you aren’t that tech-savvy, then you might initially struggle with this new car buying process. However, with the changing times, you’ll surely learn to adapt as well!

Now that you know how the car buying process will change, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you remain safe from COVID-19 while buying a car:

Make Sure Your Chosen Dealership Is Taking Proper Safety Measures

Before choosing a dealership to buy your car, make sure to ask them whether they are even following proper precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Make certain that they are keeping their facilities clean and following the preventative measures laid out by the CDC.

Disinfect the Touchpoints of Your Chosen Vehicle

Once your chosen vehicle has reached your doorsteps for a test drive, thoroughly disinfect the car before driving it. Make sure to wipe down the keys, key fibs, soft-touch surfaces, fabrics, handles, wheel, dash, etc., to prevent the risk of infection.

Follow Proper Precautionary Measures

Throughout the car buying process, if you have to go to the dealership, then make sure to follow precautionary measures to the T. Wash your hands regularly with soapy water for at least 20 seconds, maintain social distancing, avoid coming into contact with another person, wear a face mask, etc.

The bottom line is that the ongoing COVID-19 has affected the way auto dealers operate on a day-to-day basis. The car buying process has seen a quick change and it is expected that more and more dealerships will opt for a seamless and safe virtual process for their customers over the traditional one.

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