Debunking the Most Common Used Pickup Truck Myths That Exist Today

Americans made history in the first quarter of 2021, increasing their usage of off-road-friendly vehicles. The Purchase a Pickup Truck apple valley mn soared to an all-time high, hitting 13.8 million units. The sales ran that high probably because most automakers offered huge discounts simultaneously.

There are many advantages of owning a pickup truck. For instance, their utility is versatile.

A pickup truck will give you enough space for luggage storage while also blending luxury if you opt for customizable options. You can also use it to tow your other smaller units.

Even better, a used pickup truck will go at a relatively affordable rate than a zero-mileage unit. Some dealerships will only give offers to cash buyers. However, you can still get trade-in and financing deals.

Despite the new wave of more pickup trucks on American roads, the industry still has many gossips and myths about these units. This article debunks these myths and substitutes them with facts.

  1. A Diesel Pickup Truck Tows Better

Anyone who wants a pickup truck with a greater towing capacity will research vehicles with high power. You’ll indeed come across many articles that associate more power with diesel engines. However, gasoline trucks can perform well too in towing, depending on your selection.

Go for a unit that comes with an exhaust brake to mitigate brake wear. It will give you the power you need to tow a small car.

Even so, it’s still worth mentioning that some diesel engines perform better. For instance, the 2018 RAM 3500 SLT will give you a higher torque for better towing.

  1. A Used Pickup Truck Can Be More Costly Than a New Model

Of course, this is not true to some extent. A pickup truck is just like any other vehicle.

Its value starts depreciating once the first owner drives it off the selling yard. However, the rate of depreciation depends on the vehicle model and mileage.

That means some pickups retain value for years. Even so, some exceptions may affect the selling price of a second-hand unit, making it more costly. For instance, a unit with customizable features for enhancing towing capacity will cost more than one without.

Some sellers will also factor in parts, service, and repair costs before determining the selling price. Nevertheless, some second-hand units will give you value for your investment, even if they are expensive. Take the example of a fuel-efficient used pickup truck.

It will save you a lot in the future in terms of fuel costs. Visit for cost-efficient pickup trucks with higher returns on investment.

  1. Pickup Trucks Are Old-Fashion for Urban Use

Some truth to this statement, older pickup models are ideal for off-road applications in farms and work sites. However, it depends on why you need the pickup truck in the first place. If it facilitates your business and daily errands, why think it’s old-fashioned to drive it in the city?

Moreover, not all trucks are the same. Current models come with innovative features that cater to everyday drivers.

A good example is the F-150. It comes with 360° cameras and parking sensors to enhance handling. This makes your work easier.

The F-150 also features a blind spot information system to enhance vehicle safety when switching lanes in busy streets. Other vehicle safety features in a used pickup that will help you cruise in busy urban highways include roll stability control.

  1. Pickups Consume a Lot of Fuel

Any vehicle can consume a lot of fuel, depending on model and engine capacity— not necessarily pickup trucks. Pickup trucks consume more or less the same fuel as full-size cars and minivans. In some cases, a pickup will even do better in terms of fuel efficiency.

However, it’s imperative to note that some pickup trucks might consume more fuel. This is if you go for a model with greater towing or payload capacity. In this case, you’ll sacrifice more fuel for that extra power.

  1. Pickup Trucks Are Too Heavy

Pickup trucks can indeed be heavy, but again, not all trucks are the same. The extra weight for a pickup truck gives you a reliable backbone for carrying cargo and towing heavy loads. Some trucks are also heavy because of construction safety— using heavyweight materials.

On the brighter side, some automakers can still make these considerations while maintaining a lighter weight. For instance, the Ford F-150 features military-grade aluminum alloy construction.

This material is lightweight but still gives the vehicle the strength it needs for greater payload capacity.

  1. Pickup Trucks Are for Men Only

Some people still hold on to this belief, but it doesn’t make sense in the 21st century. Of course, anyone will quickly associate pickup vehicle ownership with an older guy in their 40s or more. What they don’t know is that 46% of pickup customers are females.

27% of new customers are between 35 and 44, while customers aged 65 years and above are only 17%. This tells you the youth and women are taking over pickup truck ownership. This is because modern trucks are comfortable, versatile, and family-friendly.

They also come with all vehicle safety features you can find in a typical modern car.

  1. You Can Use All Pickup Trucks in Any Terrain

This statement isn’t true and shouldn’t misguide you. Unless your truck has special features to maneuver rugged terrain, driving it off-road can result in expensive service and repair costs.

Moreover, causing damage to the truck’s tires can increase accident risks when you finally hit the highway.

Before driving your truck off-road, ensure you fit it with all-terrain tires. Other off-road trims for a pickup include beefed-up suspensions and revised bumpers (front and rear). You can also add ample under-body skid-plates for muddy terrain.

Pickup Trucks Offer More Versatility

There is a reason why pickup owners won’t easily trade their units with any car model. Whether you opt for a new or used pickup truck, it will give you great versatility for your everyday errands. It carries all your load while also giving your family enough legroom to relax.

You can also use a truck to tow your mini-cabin for a retreat in the woods. Read more articles on this site for insightful tips into vehicle ownership and maintenance.