Entry Level Guide for Young UK Bikers

If you are soon to be reaching the golden age of 17, you can go ahead and apply for a provisional driving licence that will enable you to get your foot on the bike ladder with a state-of-the-art 125cc machine. As you would expect, the bike manufacturers offer a wide range of entry level bikes, with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, all producing stunning bikes.

The Street Bike

This style is a cross between a sport and touring style, with an upright posture and wide tyres; the street bike looks cool and delivers reasonable power with a stable design. LED gauges and lighting make sure you are visible, while the engine is governed down in line with UK bike licence regulations, although it still packs a punch.

The Sports Bike

If you fancy yourself as another Valentino Rossi, check out the New Honda CB125R at Wheels, a leading UK bike dealership with a wide range of new and used 125cc machines. The two leading manufacturers are Honda and Yamaha in the field of sports 125cc entry level motorcycles, both have stunning models that incorporate MotoGP technology.

The Off-Road Bike

If moto-cross is more your style, check out the off-road models that have knobbytires, which can be ridden on or off-road. This style had a higher centre of gravity, enabling you to ride off road and with a responsive 125cc single-cylinder engine, you have more than enough power.

Major Features

The latest generation of 125cc bikes incorporate the following:

  • 4-Stroke, single cylinder engine.
  • 6-Speed gearbox.
  • ABS Braking.
  • LED instrumentation & lighting.

Applying for a Provisional License

When you reach the age of 17, you can apply for a provisional license, known as the A1 license, which allows you to ride a 125cc machine. During the next 2 years, you must obtain a compulsory basic training certificate and pass a theory and practical test that will lead to the Class A license, which allows you to ride even the biggest bikes. Click here for useful information on how vehicle headlights are changing for the better.

Street Legal

Much like a car, a motorcycle must be taxed and insured and if the vehicle is 3-years old, it needs to have a valid MoT certificate. If you are buying a new 125cc machine, you are advised to take out Class 1 insurance, which covers damage to your bike and third-party vehicles. Never exceed the speed limits and the police have speed traps everywhere; just because you can’t see a cop that doesn’t mean your speed is not being monitored.

Protective Gear

Riding a motorcycle demands adequate protection and you will need the following:

  • Top Quality Full-Face Helmet – This should fit well and always do up the chinstrap tightly.
  • Leather Riding Jacket – Leather protects your skin should you come into contact with the road.
  • Leather Riding Pants – Failing that, a pair of thick denim jeans.
  • Leather Motorcycle Gloves – A good fit allows finger movement for clutch and brake control.
  • Boots with Good Ankle Support.

Never ride without your helmet and always wear protective clothing, while respecting the power of your bike and you should enjoy a safe riding experience.