Pointers for buying a ute lid


A Ute Hard lid is a lovely addition for your Ute. Not only that, but it is also a functional accessory which works at keeping your cargo dry and safe. There are various kinds of lids which can help keep your cargo tray not only safe from the elements but from unwanted thefts. Here we have given you a basic idea about the various kinds of covers like the roll tops, tonneau, solid lids and fold ups. You also have canopies, but that is a whole different story. 


This kind of cover is simple, convenient, and versatile. Soft tonneaus come in different kinds of styles and fabrics. Having said that, canvas and rubberized nylon are the most common. These are usually secured in the front by press studs. Some recent models use sail tracks. Tonneau’s have a line of eyelets with a cord which is weaved through, so it can be stretched or secured to the Ute body with the help of matching hooks. Some models have concealed fastenings instead of hooks. These kinds of covers can be easily removed or stored and do not limit the shape and size of the cargo to be hauled. However, the major downside is that this cover cannot be locked up, and the fabric doesnot give you a long life. 

Roll Tops 

As compared to the soft tonneau, roll tops are better suited for weather resistance. They open easily and give complete access to the cargo tray. It also gives the versatility of cargo. If your cargo is large, you just keep the cover open.

Aluminium Lids

These kinds of covers are weatherproof, hardwearing and can give you a static load capacity of almost up to 200Kgs. These can be removed easily and are quite liked.  

Sport Lids

These are single pieced which have hinges at the front and are openable from the back. The sides are fitted with gas struts and thus give a look of a boot lid for the cargo tray. These are mostly made from ABS plastic or fibreglass. It gives you style as well as security. Most of these sport lids can be matched to the colour of your Ute and come in different styles. You also have a security lock which is integrated into the central locking system and thus extremely safe as well.

Whatever kind of Ute lid you choose it entirely depends on your requirements. Whether you want permanent storage or something just temporary, what kind of cargo you expect to haul and what kind of performance you expect. Do keep in mind that heavy lids can enhance the ride quality in some models.

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