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If you love driving in California, you can make the activity even more enjoyable by having your windows tinted. Not only does tinting add style to your car, it also makes it safer and more private to drive. 

So, how do you choose a tint material?

How do you answer the question, “What are examples of window tinting services near me?”

Learning More About Window Tints: Some of the Featured Products

When you’re shopping for window tints, you’ll find they are represented by different brands and feature different materials. Of the major brands, 3M offers some products that are worth further consideration. You can explore their features in the list below.

3M Ceramic Films

The 3M brand offers ceramic films, both which offer amazing clearness and superior benefits, especially  when it comes to reducing interior heat. This product uses ceramics instead of traditional dyes or metals so the color is retained over time. As a result, this tint is both robust and durable.

Color Stable Tints

The 3M brand also features Color Stable tints – a product that rejects heat well and never turns purple. The film  is made from an innovative nano-carbon polyester that gives the product its color stability.

FX HP by 3M

Many car owners like FX HP by 3M, which enhances their car’s appearance while keeping the inside of their car private and cool. This tint combines a dyed film with a film made of metal to drastically reduce the heat index inside a car. 

Moreover, the tint is affordable yet a high-quality option. Because the film is slightly metalized, you might have some interference when using wireless technologies.

FX Premium by 3M

FX Premium is one of 3M’s latest film tints. This product is made without metal, so you won’t have problems with signal interference when using your smartphone, GPS, or satellite radio.

3M Black Chrome 

Another premium tint is Black Chrome, which uses a metal film to significantly reject heat. The metal improves your vehicle’s appearance and offers more reflectivity on the outside. Because of the metal composition, you may have some problems with wireless signals. 


What you choose in a tint will be based on your budget and preferences. Any of the above tints can help you reduce glare, save your interior furnishings from fading, and increase your safety on the highway. They also can add to the appearance of your car. By contacting a local tinting service, you can enjoy all the advantages of window tinting while realizing savings along the way.