What to Consider When Buying a Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are incredible pieces of equipment that can make your company more efficient and more profitable. Using a scissor lift to carry out your work can save you time and money. Many people hire them as and when they’re needed, but while this will save you the initial upfront cost, it can become inconvenient, time consuming and expensive over time. Buying a scissor lift can be a great investment for your company. Not only are they great machines, but they’re also cheaper and larger than aerial lifts. If you’re looking for a scissor lift for sale, there are a few things you should think about, which this article will detail below.

Work Environment

There are several types of scissor lifts available. The conditions and environment that you’re working in will help you determine which type you should buy. If you’re working in an indoor environment, such as a warehouse or a large supermarket, then you’ll probably be better off with an electric scissor lift. The electric models are narrower so they can more easily fit down aisles. They’re also quieter and can be used when other work is also occurring. Electrical scissor lifts are additionally perfect for fixing air conditioning units and carrying out similar maintenance work.

On the other hand, if you’re working outside and lifting heavy materials to great heights, you might be better off with a diesel scissor lift. These lifts can carry heavier weights and reach greater heights, making them perfect for building sites. Diesel powered scissor lifts have powerful engines and can be loud, so they’re only appropriate for worksites that are already very noisy.

Should You Buy Brand New or Second Hand?

You need to decide if you want a brand new scissor lift or if you’ll happy with a second-hand one. A new scissor lift will obviously be more expensive, but you can be confident it will be safe, in good working order and will last a long time. If you’re looking for a used scissor lift for sale, make sure you ask the seller the following questions:

  • How old is the scissor lift?
  • Has any repair or maintenance work been carried out on it?
  • Have all safety features been reviewed and confirmed operational?
  • What is the lift’s service history?
  • How much longer should it last?

Storage and Transportation

Keep in mind that when you buy a scissor lift, you have to find somewhere to store it when it’s not in use. Scissor lifts are large, heavy and can be difficult to store and transport. If you invest in one, you need to factor in the costs of storage and transportation.

 Long-Term Investment

Buying a large piece of machinery is a big investment in your business. Before doing so, you need to decide whether it’s a financial viable plan in the long term. Are you confident that your business will be operational long enough to make the investment worthwhile? Do you have enough work going forward that will require a scissor lift to make it a worthwhile purchase? Sometimes it’s nice to own your own equipment, but this isn’t a good reason to buy a scissor lift. You need to think about not just making back the money from the initial purchase, but also ask yourself whether the equipment will help you to increase profits.