Essential Car Detailing Tips

When you want your car to look like it’s brand new, detailing is usually the answer. The pros at Auto Boss Vaughn can assist you with this, and you’re sure to be satisfied with the results. Here are some essential tips that you should be aware of before your detailing appointment so you can keep your car in great condition, even between detail visits.

Once the car has been cleaned and the paintwork needs to be sealed, you should check the surface of the vehicle with a plastic bag. Before the paint is sealed with wax, it’s important to make sure that all parts of the car are free from dirt and scratches. The way to do this without getting fingerprints all over the car is to place your hand in a plastic bag and run it over the car’s surface. This allows you to feel for dirt and bumps in the paint and you won’t get fingerprints or grease all over the exterior of the car.

Remember that it’s all about the cloth type when it comes to keeping your car looking great. Sponges are often used for washing cars, but car professionals are now using new materials to maintain the shine of the car. Soft, microfiber clothes are best to use, since these cloths make it easier to wash and rinse. You can also use a cloth to dry the car and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing or scratching the paint. Microfiber cloths are low-friction and are especially efficient for washing the car quickly and rinsing it safely. Keeping the washing and drying cloths separately and ensure that you take off all labels or tags to keep the paint job intact.

A dual action polisher is great for detailing cars, and you can use this in between Auto Boss Vaughn visits. The polish is one of the essential parts of the detailing jobs, so it’s best to go to a detailing company that uses the right equipment to get great results. The dual action polisher is best, since it will handle all the polishing jobs necessary for maintaining your car. The polisher will remove abrasion areas and take away old layers of wax and reveal and smooth, even finish for a long-lasting shine.

Finally, when it comes to cleaning the carpets, it’s best to use static electricity. The fibers of your carpet will retain dust and debris over time, which makes it difficult to remove the impurities when vacuuming. If you go to the car wash to vacuum your car, you’ll likely leave bits in the car that are ingrained in the carpet, which is why static electricity is best. Static electricity will remove stubborn dirt by drawing the debris up and out of the carpet fibers. You can complete the process with a latex glove; rub your hand across the carpet’s surface so the friction will create static and pull the dirt up so it can be removed easily. Be sure to brush the carpet before using the static electricity method and use a nylon brush to remove loose bits from the carpet to make cleanup easier during vacuuming.