Check the roadworthiness of your vehicle with MOT test

The Ministry of Transport test is abbreviated as MOT test. Law enforcement has made it necessary that the cars that are older than three years must undergo and yearly mot test to ensure road and environment safety. The mot test identifies whether the vehicle is roadworthy or not. The mot test involves dozens of checks that need to be done on the vehicle. It includes items like the fuel system, wiring, brakes, windscreen, seatbelts, etc. You can get mot test welling, and if your car fails the mot test, it will take a longer time because of the repairs that need to be done. The test centers will not allow you to drive away a car which has failed the mot test.

Factors that lead to the failure of the mot test

  • If there are any stickers on the windscreen of the vehicle, which is blocking the view of the driver, you are likely to fail the test. You should ensure that any kind of stickers is out of the driver’s view.
  • Mot has included one new item since the year 2012, a lit-up warning light on the dashboard. Hence, it is necessary that you make sure they are in good condition.
  • Any kind of inconsistency on the registration plate will lead to the failure of the mot test. Ensure that the registration plate is in the correct type face/ spacing, clean, and without defects.

Check the list for your car to pass the mot test

  • Headlights and indicators: Make sure that the headlights are in proper condition. It includes a front, rear, hazard lights, and indicators.
  • Brake lights: Ensure that the brake lights are working when you press the brake pedal.
  • Seat and seatbelts: Check whether the seats are in good condition or not. The driver’s seat should is adjustable both forward and backward.
  • Windscreen wipers: Make sure that the windscreen wipers are working effectively to clean the windscreen.