3 Tips for Maintaining your Semi Truck

For those who drive semi-trucks, it is important to take care of the vehicle. This is the source of freedom and livelihood after all! Because of this, it is critically important for everyone to maintain their semi-truck.

No matter if the truck is brand new or has been on the road for years, there are a few important tips that everyone should keep in mind.

1. Change the Oil On Schedule at CFN Locations

While most people are aware that every vehicle needs the oil changed regularly, there are too many drivers who neglect the oil until there is a serious issue.

Before getting in the truck, always do a quick inspection and make sure that the oil doesn’t need to be changed. This lubricant is responsible for preventing delays and unnecessary costs. There are numerous CFN locations that will keep the oil up to date.

2. Check the Radiator Regularly

The radiator is responsible for making sure that the temperature is properly regulated. If there are any leaks or fluids that are low, this could lead to a malfunctioning radiator.

This could cause the truck to overheat and lead to serious problems. Keep the radiator maintained to prevent engine problems.

3. Inspect the Brakes on the Truck

The brakes should be a part of the pre-inspection check. When the brakes start to squeak or make odd noises or vibrations, it is important to reach out to a professional mechanic.

Think about the weight of the load and make sure that the brakes are able to handle this inventory.

Regular Maintenance is Vital

These are only a few of the many tips when it comes to maintaining a semi-truck. Make sure that vehicle maintenance is handled by a professional to prevent costly repairs and delays!