5 Key Factors to Consider When Buying a New Car Battery


The best car battery can serve you for up to five years.

Your car battery will get worn out due to constant discharging and charging. This is a big problem because you’ll spend a lot of time on the roadside while trying to get help. It would be much better if you got a new car battery.

Car batteries come in different types, and you need to find the best one.

Keep reading this blog to learn the five factors to consider when purchasing a new car battery.

  1. Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity refers to the period when the battery doesn’t need external power to operate. When your car breaks down, a battery with sufficient reserve capacity can come to your rescue.

For instance, extended usage of car lights, a non-compliant engine, or failure of the alternator can be a big problem. You’ll be stranded if your bad car battery won’t have enough reserve capacity.

  1. Battery Freshness

It would also be wise if you checked the freshness of the battery before you purchased it. All batteries, including an RB battery, have codes that indicate the freshness of the battery. The code usually consists of a letter and a number.

The letter shows the month of manufacture while the number displays the year of manufacture. Generally, you should only install a new car battery if it is less than six months old.

  1. Position of Terminals

The location of the positive terminals has a direct influence on your car’s polarity. If your car’s shell comes into contact with the positive terminals, it may create an electrical short.

Therefore, you should know where the positive terminal of your battery will be facing. You can also ask the seller to provide the measurements of the battery.

  1. Satisfy Your Driving Needs and Fit Your Car

Car batteries have different sizes. In some instances, the size of the battery may not fit your car. This means that the ideal car battery must have the same size as your current battery.

However, the size of the battery doesn’t mean that it’ll perform better. A small battery may satisfy your needs better than a larger battery.

Consequently, you must know the precise measurements of the battery and its capacity.

  1. Examine the Warranty

A battery with a long warranty is a good choice. You can examine the warranty in two ways. There’s the prorated period and the free replacement.

During the free replacement period, you’ll receive full reimbursement if the battery breaks down. On the other hand, you’ll only receive partial repayment for a dead car battery during the prorated period. For instance, if the warranty is marked as 24/84, you can expect full payment within the first 12 months and partial payment up to the 84th month.

Learn What to Consider When Purchasing a New Car Battery

A car battery is a significant investment. If you don’t make the right decision, you will have to buy a new battery after a few months. That is why you need to have your facts right when buying a new car battery.

You can use the steps above to make your decision. Alternatively, you can read our other blogs for more automotive tips.