As a daily commuter, you’ve already experienced waiting in lines for hours before riding an MRT train, or perhaps you’ve also got bored waiting for a cab. All of these experiences are a hassle! But luckily, you can now avoid them with long term car rental in Singapore because of its advantages. There are many ways car rentals can help you.

And before you get rental services, here are a few reminders that might help you prepare.

1. Damage Insurance

Of course, you may damage your long term car rental in Singapore as you use it for the following months or years. Ask the rental company if your insurance covers the damage cost when this happens. If not, you would have to use your pocket money to solve the problem.

2. The Driver

Before signing the contract with a car rental company in Singapore, you should already have a designated driver for your travels. If no one knows how to drive, you wouldn’t be able to use the rented car, and you would only waste your money.

3. Know the Road Signs or Rules

A rented car doesn’t mean you can just hit the road and do whatever you want. No, it would help if you still were careful abiding by the law. Before getting your electric rental car in Singapore, you can attend seminars on observing safety while driving.

4. Additional Car Features

As a car renter, you can add additional car features such as GPS, radio, car seat, dashcam and other necessities. Just ask the car rental company if there are additional fees when you add some features to your rented car.

5. The Service Fee

In Singapore, leasing or rental is more convenient than commuting. However, you still need to consider the service whether it’s too expensive or not for your budget. Once you finalise your financial needs, it would be easier for you to book a car rental service.

Make your travels more convenient with MyCarriage, a car rental company in Singapore. If you need a ride, visit their website to learn more about their long term car rental services.