5 Proven Ways to Take Care of Your Car Bodywork


There is nothing that amazing like having a car with a decent paint job. Yes, you may walk out of the showroom with that kind of a vehicle, but how you take care of it matters a lot. If you want your car’s paintwork to last long after leaving a body shop, you should be ready to make your hands dirty a bit. 

Here we share some expert tips on how to take care of your car body.

1. Wash your car regularly 

If you want your car paint to remain sparkling for long, you should wash it regularly. When washing your car paint, you should use quality automotive soap and apply it to the car’s surface in straight lines. Do not wash your car with soap in circular motions. Once you are done washing, rinse the car paint with clean water.

To take care of the paintwork, you should ensure the car only hits the road once it is dry. Allow the vehicle to air dry and leave all the minerals from the water, destroying the paint in the long run. 

2. Waxing 

Waxing your car once or twice a year can make it last longer and remain in top condition. When you wax your car paintwork, you give it another thin cover that protects the surface from elements like dust, rust, and droppings. 

Waxing can also cover dents and scratches on the paintwork, making your car sparkle and remain rust-proof. It only takes less than an hour to wax your car; doing this at least once a year can make your vehicle stay in its perfect paint condition.

3. Rust-proof the car 

Another way to take care of your car when you live in a high-humidity area is to rust-proof its paintwork. When you leave your car exposed to salt and grit during the winter, it is more likely to form rust and cost you a lot on body repairs. 

Rust can quickly build up on the car paintwork and cause a lot of damages. It is much expensive to repair car paint when it is damaged with rust. Rust can also extend to your car engine and cause more harm to your car.

4. Park under the shade 

The worst you can do if you value your car paintwork is parking your car in the scorching sun. The ultraviolet rays can damage your car paint in many ways when you regularly leave your vehicle in the sun. 

Sunlight oxidizes the paintwork making it older than it should be. If you can, ensure you always park your car under some shade and add more years to the paintwork.

5. Apply a synthetic coat 

Applying synthetic coat on the car paint is another amazing way to take care of your car paint job. The sealant permeates and bonds with the pores on the car paint, forming a protective seal. Applying synthetic seals is more cost-effective than waxing. It also lasts longer and keeps your car sparkling always.

Final Thoughts 

You should make an effort to take care of your car paintwork. Wash your car regularly with the right supplies, keep it out of direct sunlight, and don’t forget to take it for waxing and body repair from a professional.