5 Symptoms of A Bad Speed Sensor in the Car You Can’t Underestimate

A speed sensor in a car or VSS works to measure transmission output or wheel speed. It also helps the engine to decide the ignition timing, air or fuel ratio, transmission shift points, and others. According to vehicleruns.com, A bad speed sensor will send a false signal and information that affects the performance of the vehicles. Learn the symptoms of a bad speed sensor in the car below before affecting your car.

Cruise Control Fails to Work 

One of the functions of a speed sensor in the car is to check the cruise control. Cruise control helps to control the vehicle’s speed automatically. This feature works accurately only because of the data from the speed sensor. Indeed, cruise control fails to work if there is a problem with the speed sensor. ECU will receive an error code and shut down all the systems. Check your vehicle immediately. It will be better if you can get a professional mechanic to check what the problem is.

A Problem In the Gear Shifting 

A bad speed sensor in the car also affects the gear shifting. In this case, the powertrain control module controls the gears shifting correctly. This feature won’t work well if there is a problem with the speed sensor because it doesn’t send a speed signal. As a result, the transmission also doesn’t work properly. You will feel that your vehicle shifts quicker or roughly. The shifting time is also longer than normal. The harder the shifting, the more damage the transmission’s internal components.

Check Engine Light Turns On 

Don’t forget to check the engine light feature in the car. Your car is in trouble when the engine light turns on. It is one of the common symptoms of a bad speed sensor in the car you can check without any tools. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that it is a sign of a bad speed sensor. A signal from a check engine light can be a sign that your car has other problems. Ask the help of a professional mechanic to ensure the exact problem and also the best solution you can do.

Inaccurate Speedometer Readings 

Vehicle manufacturers use the VSS to operate speedometers. Indeed, a problem with the speed sensor can cause inaccurate speedometer readings. At the worst level, the speedometer even can’t read anymore. Your vehicle may continue to run without a speedometer, yet it is risky because you don’t know your speed while driving. You can be driving too fast or slow on the road.

Torque Converter Won’t Work 

A problem in the speed sensor stops the transmission torque converter to work. As a result, this feature is unable to apply the clutch. There will be no mechanical connection between the engine and transmission. This small sign of a bad speed sensor can cause a variety of issues in your vehicle, including bad fuel economy, overheated transmission, and slipping.

Don’t let the symptoms of a bad speed sensor in the car without doing anything. The earlier you fix the problem, the easier the mechanic to solve it. The cost to fix it is also much cheaper than repairing it after your car wrecks.