Is it affordable to buy high-end second-hand cars?

As we all know, the second-hand vehicle market offers possibilities that would be unthinkable in the new vehicle sector. The price after a few years of leaving the dealership is one of the advantages of high-end second-hand cars. Check this Luxury dealership Kansas City for more information.

An example of this would be a BMW X6, where the most basic model starts at € 81,850 and, in our second-hand dealership located in Las Rozas, we have a BMW X6 3.0 available with 83,000 km for € 36,990, the minimum saving is higher. at 50%.

 This is a clear example that it is possible to access the so-called high-end cars at a more affordable price than if you buy new and with the possibility of financing it.

What are considered high-end cars?

A luxury car is characterized by having:

  • Special and unique finishes such as BMW’s Complete M package or Mercedes AMG package
  • Very comfortable interiors like any range rover with its leather finishes)
  • Premium materials such as BMW 7 Series carbon fiber bodywork)
  • Unique extras such as interior lighting, interior video screens, vehicle control with special functions, etc.

Therefore, because it is from the Audi brand, it is not considered a high-end vehicle (an Audi A2 is not a high-end vehicle). However, if you are evaluating an Audi RS Q8 then it would be.

Why consider buying a second-hand high-end car?

It is true that investing in a luxury vehicle a priori may not be valued due to its price but, if quality and driving experience are taken into account, then it can be more profitable:

Reliability: Premium vehicles are generally much more reliable than other vehicles. This means that they are more durable and the number of breakdowns are less.

Benefits: The benefits of premium vehicles are the main strengths to take into account when considering the purchase of a luxury car since they are superior to mid-range cars in terms of equipment, engine, materials …

Robusted: Generally, a high-end vehicle is much more robust than a normal one and, in the face of an accident, the protection of passengers is usually greater both due to internal security measures and the quality of its finishes.

However, if you have to take into account that vehicle insurance is higher and maintenance is usually more expensive. But with good planning of expenses, it is possible to access a high-end second-hand car.

Premium brands and models

There are several brands and models that have high-end cars to choose from. This is our very brief selection that, in addition, we have in stock at a good price:


This German brand is a benchmark in terms of high-end cars. But, buying a high-end bmw is possible if you are looking for a second-hand bmw or bmw outlet.


High-end BMW SUV that offers all the power of the 4 × 4 with finishes and interiors loaded with extra and with unique features.

BMW 6 Series xDrive grand coupe

High-end sports car from BMW that offers 4 × 4 traction (xDrive) and some unusual interior extras in vehicles with other characteristics such as BMW Night Vision, Dakota Leather and Harman Kardon Sound.