5 Tips on How to Care for Your Leather Car Seats

The car seat is usually affected by external factors such as dust, sand, smoking, passenger sweat and air conditioning circulation, causing bacteria to grow and unpleasant odor. If the leather is not maintained for a long time when it is dirty, it will be damp, moldy, and no luster. It affects both our health and driving mood. So how to maintain the leather car seat?

Because the seat is often in contact with our skin, it will be stained with a lot of splodges. In order to keep the leather always shiny, it must be cleaned regularly. It is better to wipe the seat surface with a semi-dry towel. Then dry it with the natural wind.

  1. Do Not Use Detergents At Random

Do not use an ordinary decontaminating agent (washing powder, dishwashing liquid), turpentine, shoe polish or strong detergent to maintain the seat, which will damage the leather surface, causing corrosion or discoloration.

  1. Use Protective Agent

Naturally, the protein and fat in the leather seat will slowly lose over time and eventually cause aging. Especially in the region where rain is frequent, the aging phenomenon is more serious because the leather is repeatedly damp and dried. Although many leather cleaners on the market now have a certain protective effect, after each seat cleaning, it is better to use the leather special protective agent to fully maintain the seat to form a waterproof and anti-fouling film on the leather.

  1. Avoid Sharp Objects

Once scratched, it is hard to repair. Therefore, you should try to avoid placing sharp objects such as keys and repair tools on the seat. In addition, placing larger boxes directly on the seat will do harm to the seat.

  1. No Need Seat Covers

Since the seat cover can be disassembled and replaced at any time, it is very convenient to change and wash. So some drivers think that by using the seat cover, the leather seat can be effectively cleaned. In fact, this approach is wrong. On one hand, as long as maintain the seat properly, it actually more dirt-resistant than ordinary fabric seats. On the other hand, ordinary dust and stains can be cleaned easily. It is also very convenient to wipe with a clean rag.

  1. Do Not Eat In The Car

Many people have the habit of eating in the car, especially those who are busy at work. The car is like a mobile restaurant. However, if you accidentally drop the residue of food on the leather seat, it will easily breed harmful microorganisms such as aphids, which will accelerate the deterioration and aging of the leather under their erosion. Severely, it will also cause odor and affect the air quality inside the car.

These are 5 tips on how to care for your leather car seat. A clean and comfortable seat is good for the driving experience. Nowadays, the electric massage car seat is very popular. An electric seat is also known as an intelligent massage car seat. It is not only practical, but also easy to use. Electric seats are becoming more intelligent and user-friendly, not only with more than a dozen ways to adjust the position, but also have several functions.

Electric seat from different suppliers may have different functions. Take an electric seat from Changyi for example. First, it has a massage function. When you feel tired, start the massage function. It will run regularly with the time interval you set. With such a function, you will feel relax while driving.

Second, courtesy function. To prevent the oppressing sensation, the seat is adjusted automatically when getting on/off the car. Third, pneumatic waist support. With an airbag inside, it provides comfort for the waist and protects the health and safety of the lumbar. Fourth, seat cushion heating. Balanced exhaust with a porous airbag, there is a strong turbo fan inside. This function prevents sweat on the back and hip, keeping you cool and comfortable even in hot summer.

Fifth, sitting memory. You don’t need to adjust the seat position every time. It is very easy to set the memory for the seat. Sixth, twelve-direction automatic adjustment. The seat is smoothly operated pressing the side button. It is time-saving and labor-saving.

Last but not least, the boss key function. It means that the passengers of the rear seat can also adjust the position of the front seat, which provides a comfortable distance for the passengers.

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