How To Make Cash From a Totaled Vehicle

Do you have a car that got into an accident and the respective insurance provider declared it a total loss? This means that it is completely damaged and irreparable.

As the car owner, if you choose to retain it, you can still make money through a cash for cars service. 

Even though your insurance company has considered the car to be worthless, through a cash for cars service, you can still sell the vehicle for monetary gain.

Why is it still worth money when the collision totally damaged it?

This is because, it still has some valuable parts, especially if it was in good shape when it got involved in an accident.

Working with cash for cars companies is a convenient option as it is hassle free. However, one problem that you may face when selling your car to a junkyard is the price haggling. Here are a few tips on how to get the most return for your totaled vehicle.

Work With A Reputable Company

There are shady junkyards out there that will convince you how worthless your vehicle is.

It might seem true to you but when you work with a reputable cash for cars company, you will understand that even accident damaged vehicles are more valuable than you think.

It could be that the catalytic converter is in good shape or the boot and the bumpers can be used on another vehicle. The tires, engine, fuel tank and countless other parts on the vehicle all have some value. 

Even the chassis itself has a large weight of metal that can be sold to scrap metal dealers.

These are some of the things they consider, and you are paid for them. Working with a reputable company is key in getting the best value for a totaled vehicle.

The Make & Model Of Car Can Affect Price

You are probably wondering if your totaled Dodge or Suzuki will be bought by the cash for cars company you are targeting.

Most of these companies buy totaled vehicles from major manufacturers, without much concern of whether it is a hatchback, sports car, compact car, or roadster.

They will buy Volkswagens, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota’s, and Mazda’s among many others.

But all these different types of vehicles are bought at different prices. This is based on their size and the types of spare parts they can produce, the weight of the metal, how in-demand parts are and so on.

Get a Few Quotes

If you have a totaled car, you know that it is irreparable. If it can be repaired, you will have to spend lots of money to get it back in shape.

But if the car is considered totaled from insurance company then they will not insure it. So why waste money getting it fixed?

Rather than going through all this hassle, you can work with cash for cars services where you get paid instantly.

You can even sell it from the comfort of your coach or office and within a few hours, once it is collected, you will get paid. This will save you time and money while earning some at the same time.