Advancing automotive technology


Automotive brands have continuously focused on building quality, fuel efficiency, occupant and pedestrian safety, and a growing obligation of being more environmentally conscious all through a vehicle lifecycle. Traditional methods of manufacturing, repairing, and streamlining vehicles have been overtaken by efficient, innovative, and compelling technological methods. The innovations have enabled the industry to expand with various auto mechanics opening up worldwide. Body shops have enhanced car repairs, increased company profits, and saves time. Any Body shop seeking to embrace the latest technology needs to be equipped with the latest information and proper service tools to evolve alongside the vehicles they serve.

Benefits of automotive technology

Technology has been widely known to enhance efficiency for daily routines and tasks. From diagnostics and servicing of vehicles to the management of the business and all forms of communication, technology boosts productivity in the Body shop. Implementation of technology in the auto repair shop enhances:

  • Daily shop activities efficiency
  • Team members productivity
  • Vehicle information accuracy
  • Shop professionalism
  • Excellent customer service and retention

Essential technology in body shops

Managing a body shop has its complications and frustrations. The latest technology provides solutions to these problems. Technology has enhanced technicians by developing repair videos that explain in-depth issues that may occur with any vehicle. 

Shop management system

A body shop management system is an automated system repair workflow system.  These management systems include point of sale functions, create estimates, provides repair orders and invoices. The system enhances operations such as ordering parts, managing personnel, scheduling appointments, and smoothly running other daily shop activities.

Access to information

Mechanics help fix damaged car parts, while technicians are competently trained to understand and interact with vehicle computers and diagnose the problems. Technology has allowed immediate access to vehicle information from original equipment manufacturers, enabling shops and technicians to solve vehicle problems easier and faster. 

Digital vehicle inspection and customer services

Digital inspections have enhanced the relationship between the body shop and their customers through efficient communication. Modern technology provides pictures and videos that are easy for people to understand. This information builds positive customer rapport by helping customers to become experts on their vehicles. Customers love being aware of the basic summary of their vehicle problems and what repairs they are paying for. 

Technology advancement

3-D printing

The printing uses computers and mechanical elements to recreate existing objects or customize a new object using the manufacturer’s design.  Car manufactures, and body shops are widely using 3-D printers to create prototype parts.

Augmented reality

Modern cars have dangerous and complicated electronic drivetrains, detailed computerized components, top-notch safety systems, and sensors that practically control everything. Augmented reality provides visual information that guides the technician to visualize areas that are out of view.

Wireless data transmission

The new technology provides wireless software updates that correct running problems, improve fuel mileage and address other safety and performance issues. Evolving car construction requires body shops to update their equipment and techniques.


Technological innovations have pushed many industries to be better. These include the automotive industry and vehicle techs, which have advanced to higher customer service and retention levels.