What are the causes behind the brake rotor wrap?

Brake rotors are designed to be an essential part of spinning and stopping the wheels. They work when the brake pads get clamp down. At the time of braking, they resist a lot of heat, which need to be dissipating very quickly. Due to a large amount of heat produced, the brake rotor’s surface becomes very uneven and hence, this condition is known as warping leading to the ineffectiveness of brakes.

There are some reasons behind the brake rotors warped. Let’s have a look –

  • Brake rotors may become glazed with the material used in brake pads. It occurs when brake pads get hot resulting in pad material rubbing.
  • The surface can also be worn out due to excessive heat due to the constant pressure on brakes. The heat makes metal to be soft resulting in metal wearing out.

Preventing the brake rotors to get warped is easy if they are taken care of properly. Excessive heat can produce when the brakes are pressed continuously or hold for a long time. You should look out for the symptoms showing the brake pads are warped –

  • Extreme squeaking while braking.
  • Burning rubber smell.
  • Inconsistent brakes.
  • The vibration of brakes at the time vehicle stops.

Prevention of warped brake rotors

Always be mindful when it is about preventing brake rotors to be glazed over brake pad material. Once the brake pads are installed, it is important that they should be checked on a regular basis. It is also suggested to check on few full stops after which, the brake has to be done with care. By this, the brake pad will work efficiently at the time of hard braking. Doing this can be helpful in avoiding excess wear on the brake rotors’ surface and also prevent glazing. Just keep in mind to avoid hard braking.

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