All about trailer driving license in the UK

If someone hasn’t earned their category B licensed before 1st January 1997, then they need to pass the test for earning their category B license. From 19th January 2013 the UK government has announced that the drivers need to have category B license in order to drive a small trailer. The category B license owner can drive small trailers weighing no more than 750kg and combined weight of trailer and towing vehicle should not be more than 3500kg. That is the maximum authorized mass (MAM). And if someone wants to drive a trailer which has MAM more than 3500kg the combined weight of the trailer and towing vehicle. Then they need to have B+E entitlement on their license.

These are things that are now applicable to every new person who wants to get the category B license. And also, if someone gets their category B license after 1st January 1997, then they can drive the trailer weighing 750kg and combined weight of the trailer and towing vehicle 3500kg.

Get trained in trailer driving to pass the test

To pass the test, the person needs to have knowledge of trailer driving, coupling, uncoupling, and other things. And these things will be going to teach in trailer training Cheshire. Because these are the essential things that require to pay attention. If someone doesn’t perform well in their test, then they will not be going to get their Category B license. That is why it is necessary to prepare very well for the test.

Know the trailer training school before enrolling in it

Gather as many information as one can get before enrolling into any trailer training school. So, that one can get the idea of how will they teach and other things. By doing that one can understand them very well.