Why the lack of summer holidays in 2020 means it’s the best time to sell your motorhome.

Many of us have been left in severe disappointment this year after finding out that we are not able to go on a summer holiday. The majority of leisure holidays were cancelled between May-June and they are still being cancelled to many countries now! This has led to a number of people looking for alternate holidays in the UK, one of which is holidaying in a motorhome. So, if you have been struggling for money due to the recent pandemic, and the thought in your mind is “I need to sell my motorhome for some extra cash”, we are here to tell you why now is the best time to do so.

The top and bottom of it is that more people want to holiday in caravans due to their holiday being cancelled – and more demand means you are able to charge more for your motorhome. It’s the same with any desirable product, when more people want it, it makes it much easier to charge a premium for your product. This does not mean that you are ripping people off with the price of your motorhome, but simply that people will have to pay more, as more people buying means that there is less supply, which ultimately drives prices up.

We can see clearly here that since this time around March, the interest in motorhomes has increased, and is going to continue increasing, so we are confident that now is the time to sell.

This is particularly beneficial because you will be selling a used motorhome, which is the market that will gain the most advantage from this. This is due to the fact that we believe many of the people that are looking to buy motorhomes will be first time buyers, as holidays being cancelled out of the blue is unprecedented. First time buyers and may be on a budget due to holiday cancellations, and therefore are more unlikely to buy new motorhomes. This is of course a huge benefit for the used motorhome market, so if you are looking to sell your motorhome, this is the perfect time. The fact that holidays were also cancelled in short notice in a lot of cases means that people will be looking for quick buys, therefore you may not be waiting too long to get a good price for your motorhome.

The people of the UK will be holidaying in many different ways this year, but a great deal of them are staying in the country. We know that people are booking weeks away in cottages, log cabins, caravans and all the other types of getaways that you can think of. The unfortunate and unexpected pandemic that we have had to deal with this year has led to a great change in a range of different things, and the buying and selling of certain things has been a big one. As things become more in demand because there is less to do, people seek opportunities to sell for good prices, and this is exactly what has happened in the motorhome world. 

We love motorhomes and everything about the lifestyle that comes with it. We love getting outdoors and being at one with nature, whilst also having the comfort of your motorhome and all the things you need, and we resonate with motorhome lovers too. This is why we want to alert you to this great opportunity, if you are a motorhome lover that may be at the end of their journey with their motorhome, or possibly you are upgrading to a newer model. Either way, we are sure that you can get a fantastic deal if you are selling your used motorhome this year.