A car rental plan is for those who wish to acquire a car without committing to long-term ownership and financial obligations. It can last from a few weeks to more than three months in some cases.

The good news is most companies offer different vehicle types. Passenger cars are for solo drivers in the city, while vans are for bigger groups. Let us explore them in this article.


City driving can be stressful because of traffic and small roads that offer a shortcut, but not when you drive a compact sedan that does the job. They also come in smaller engines that give you efficiency, and it is why every car rental company in Singapore offers them as the most basic package to clients.


Ah, the segment that is currently growing because of its promises. A crossover is a smaller version of an SUV with the same platform as a sedan. Consider this vehicle type when you rent a car because they offer the best of both worlds: A sporty and elevated look with the efficiency of a sedan.


The great thing about a midsize sedan is people enjoy them, passenger or driver. Feeling luxurious while traversing roads is one selling point. Another would be the comfort of sitting in the leather-wrapped back seats. Going with this vehicle when you sign a car rental contract would surely get your money’s worth.


Have you ever noticed how SUVs dominate the road with their considerable presence and sporty frame? Not to mention, they have all the latest tech and features that make driving even more exciting while carrying five to seven people. (Tip: You can choose between European and Japanese models from a car rental company in Singapore.)

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