How Much Towing Companies Charge

Aside from Covid-19, the traveling season is at our door. People are going to travel more during the summer months even though the officials ask people to stay home. We’ve been home for a long time, and now when the weather is better, it’s time to start enjoying ourselves. After all, the virus is not going to be present forever.

Having thousands, if not millions of cars at the roads at once means that some of them will inevitably experience a problem while driving. Some of them will have a car crash that might be of small significance, and others will bigger. In both cases, they might need professional road assistance.

No one goes on the road with the idea that they’ll need a towing service, but in some cases, this will be an absolute necessity. That is why everyone should be prepared and know what to expect if they have to call the number of a trucking service.

Every company charges differently, and some will charge more than others. That’s why you should know the fees before you get out on the road.

What are the most common fees?

Most companies will charge by a mile passed with their trucks. This is the most logical way to charge for this kind of service.

However, there are some of those towing companies who will charge by a job done. If you don’t like spending by a mile, you can always ask them to calculate so you can pay this way. Some of them won’t accept, but many will do it as this won’t make a difference for them.

The standard towing company cost for 5 to 7 miles is somewhere around $60. The prices can vary from as low as $30 and up to $100. It all depends on many factors, but the price can’t be higher than this.

If your vehicle needs to go some 40 miles, you’ll pay up to $250, but not less than $100. Towing for around 100 miles might cost you up to $600, but not less than $250.

One of the main issues for forming the price is where your vehicle is located. If you got lost in the desert and the nearest company is 200 miles away, they’ll need to spend a lot of money to provide the service. That’s why you will have to spend more for this service too.

If you have a problem inside the city limits, then the fee will be lower as the company will most probably be located in a much shorter distance. If the location you’re headed is also close to their HQ you can expect a much lower amount too.

What can you expect from towing companies?

These guys are not only handling such problems. They are offering a lot of other services too. They can be there for you in all situations that might be problematic for you.

On the road, a lot of problems can occur. Not all of them are requiring a towing service. Some of these services will require just a small intervention. The towing companies provide these services too, so if you need something like this, you can feel free and call them.

What are these services? Well, if your battery dies and you need a jump start but there’s no one around to help, you can call them to do this professionally for you. Then, you can ask them to deliver gas for you if it happens to miss the last station.

Also, a lot of people simply don’t know how to change a flat tire or don’t have the proper equipment. Don’t worry, these guys are here for you. They’ll do it in no time but will charge for this service. 

Some of the other services that they provide can’t be described as people call them for all kinds of things. Even if you get stuck inside the car, and yes, this happens much more often than you might think, they’ll come and do their best to help you. Of course, they can’t do it, then the fire department will be called, but this is not needed in most of the normal daily situations.

The car insurance can come in handy

When you’re paying for car insurance, you have a ton of options that the insurers offer you. Some of them are services that include roadside assistance, which is a shorter term for all the things we described above. Take a look at this link if you want to learn more on this subject.

The insurance company may offer all of the services from tow truck companies up to some level. So, paying for a car insurance policy may include towing up to 20 miles which is usually enough to get you to the first gas station or a mechanic. If you need more than this, you’ll simply add the amount that is needed for the rest of the trip.

In other words, car insurance can come in handy in these situations. All you will have to do is call the agency and worry about nothing else. They’ll fix all the problems for you and charge nothing.

If you think that spending these calls for any matter is not the smartest thing to do, just think about how many times you get car problems while you’re on the road. Some people never experience one, so just go for it.