Innovations That Might Change the Automobile World


We can get so caught up in the wonders of technology that we forget just how far we have come. it used to be that most people would live their entire life within a ten-mile radius of where they were born. Now, thanks to Henry Ford, the automobile revolution changed the face of the planet. While Ford’s work would get the car industry started, it won’t be the most defining innovation within the automobile industry forever. Today, we are going to take a speculative look at some changing auto innovations that might transform the automotive world as we know it.

1) Cars That Communicate – When we talk about smart cars, where does your mind go? You probably think of self-driving vehicles and comprehensive user interfaces. The technology that we believe will redefine the term ‘smart car’ is far more interesting. There is a new technique being developed known as Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, often shortened to V2V. This technology would make it possible for cars to communicate directly with one another. Imagine that another driver runs a stop light, and they are about to hit another car. With the V2V system, a message would be shared between the two vehicles in order to communicate an emergency safety plan. Whether car 1 needs to swerve or car 2 needs to slam on the brakes, the action will automatically be carried out.

2) Self-Driving Cars – Of course, we can’t talk about innovative automotive technology without mentioning self-driving cars. The concept has been in circulation for years, but we are now getting closer to seeing them in day-to-day life. Google has already started to manufacture self-driving cars for its testing phase to impressive results. Whether Google ends up nailing the concept or someone else, we are facing a reality that is likely to manifest in the near future. At some point in time, seeing self-driving cars on the road will feel as normal as anything else in our day-to-day lives.

3) Energized Body Panels – If you think solar panels are neat, boy do we have a concept for you! According to Exxon Mobil, the auto industry will be 50% comprised of hybrid vehicles by the year 2040. While hybrid vehicles are a great stepping stone to alternative energy sources, they aren’t going to be enough. In Europe, auto manufacturers are currently testing body panels that work in a similar fashion to solar panels. These energized body panels soak up energy from different actions that your vehicle takes in order to charge its internal batteries. Right now, these auto developers are focused on making the panels durable enough to withstand heavy usage on the road. These panels will help to reduce the weight of your vehicle while expanding your driving radius, all without the need for oil.

The automobile industry thrives on change. While classic cars are always going to be in fashion, new technology is redefining what we are coming to expect out of our time on the road. Whether these specific innovations ever make it to reality or not is beside the point. Innovation is coming, and we are just along for the ride.