Quick and Easy Upgrades to Make Your Car Stand Out

We love our rides, and usually, we buy a car that fits our budget and needs. Most modern cars have unique features that enhance their looks and performance, but car enthusiasts love upgrading their vehicles to stand out and make a statement.

Car modification is a tradition that’s as old as the automobile history, and it is about expressing your individuality and personality. It’s about making your vehicle standout from the crowd.

So, here are affordable, quick and easy upgrades to make your car stand out.


1.Car Wrapping

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Car wrapping is an easy way of overhauling your car’s look. The wrapping options and designs are limitless. You may opt for a complete vinyl wrap or just a portion.

For example, you can capture your favorite color on your car’s roof or hood or capture different styles and images and wrap them on your exterior with the added benefit of protecting your car from chips.

You can also couple the car wrap with a ceramic coating. The coating is a polymer solution that blends with your car wrapping giving it additional water and UV  of protection and a high gloss finish.

2. Tires

Tires are the easiest upgrade to create an impact on your car.

Upgrade with audacious and larger aftermarket wheels. You can also find rims in different styles, materials and colors for a unique look. If you can’t afford new rims and wheels, try painting them with your favorite color.

Additionally, install valve stem caps on your wheels to protect the tires from debris, moisture, and prevent dirt accumulation.

Fender and wheel lights upgrades makes your car stand out as you cruise at night.

3. Upgrade your exhaust

An exhaust upgrade is not just a cosmetic enhancement. This simple upgrade may decrease the car engine pressure, improving its sound and performance.

4. Window tinting

Window tinting is a much-loved car upgrade option for most people and with good reason. Not only does a tint enhance your car’s look, but also comes with added benefits like;

  • Fade reduction
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Improves safety
  • Protect your belongings from burglars.

However, each state has different laws regulating the percentage of tint you can apply in your car. So, make sure you know what the regulations are in your jurisdiction.

5. Wind deflectors

Wind deflectors are the perfect accessory to window tinting. They make your car look more polished, prevent wind battering and unwanted rain splashes.

Besides, when the car window opens, the aerodynamic changes, and the wind deflector redistributes the air, preventing it from flooding inside your car.They also reduce drag.

Wind deflectors are easy to fit and affordable.


6. Interior LED lightning

Interior LED lighting is one of the coolest modifications around.

Besides, emphasizing your car’s interior design, it adds lightning underneath your dashboard and accentuates the car’s cabin. Just like decorating your home, choose your car’s LED lightning with care.

Alternatively, you can add trendy car door lights.

7. Steering wheel covers

Add more color and beauty to your interior by choosing stylish steering wheel covers that capture your spunk and personality. There are many styles and colours out there to suit every taste.

8. Seat covers

Seat covers are a great (and cheap) way to personalize your car and make a statement.

Choose from cool designs to sports teams to superheroes. With the market flooded with different styles, you are bound to find the ideal covers for you.

9. Interior vinyl

Adding vinyl to your car interior adds style. Become creative by choosing different patterns and styles that reflect your personality.

The choice of your vinyl should accent your LED lighting and seat covers. For a chic look, extend the vinyl to your armrest, dashboard, steering wheel, and door panels.

10. Aftermarket audio

Upgrading your car’s audio and the video screen is a fun enhancement that keeps everyone entertained.

Install a good and quality audio system with subwoofer, amplifiers, and a head unit. You can opt to install a head unit with a double pin that is compatible with Android or IOS phones.

Besides, you can include a backup camera on your head unit, thus providing your best reversing angles.


11. Get a professional detailing and washing

While cleaning is an obvious step, a car with crumbs, dirt, grime, and upholstery stains detracts lowers its value and appeal.

Even with frequent home cleaning, a professional wash and vacuuming gives it a deep clean that changes its overall appearance.

Consider routine professional cleaning, removing scratches, and fixing dents to give your car an impeccable look.

Bottom Line

For years, car owners have upgraded their cars in one way or another. Adding a custom look and touch in the right way not only adds value, but improves its performance and style. So, consider the above car upgrades to reflect your personality and help your ride stand out.

Author: Rita Dennis