It goes without a rift that a freshly painted car cannot retain its glow after a few rounds under the sun. They also lose their natural shine after a few strikes from pebbles and rocks and eventually they wear and tear. Hence, protecting the paint becomes important. Paint protection films and ceramic coatings have become the new trend lately for more people who want to retain their car’s gleam more considerably. But you must know what to choose and how will they be effective.

Paint Protection Films

PPF is a very easily malleable substance made up of thermoplastic urethane film, which is, most importantly, self-healing. It is invisible to the human eye, can protect the car from small scratches and hurts from smaller debris or pebbles. It also benefits the car from scorching sunlight.

The Self-Healer

The material of the film being urethane means it heals itself even before any damage reaches to the surface of the car. It is known to resist high impact corrosions and acidic or mineral deposits. It also repels rock chips and bug attacks. This is possible because the topmost layer of this film contains elastomeric polymers. This polymer ensures the film to retain its original shape despite incurring any damage.


Most of the benefits include the film preventing:

  • Water and mineral spots from rain
  • Fading due to sunlight and UV rays
  • Scratches and hurts
  • Stains from chemicals

The cost of the same depends on the area of the car you want to protect. Proshield car protection film will look into every costing factor and make it affordable for you.

Ceramic Coating

This is an option that includes liquid polymer coating that forms a forever coat by bonding with the paint layer. It is an alternative for wax, providing resistance against chemicals, UV, scratches, and water.


It has a few exclusive benefits like:

  • Complete water resistance
  • Glossy
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Prevents scratches and chips

Although both of them displaying top-notch benefits, PPFs provide more resistance against physical damages on the road. This film can be overlaid on any surface you need to protect and leave out areas you do not want. The curves and crevasses can easily be shaped into to provide the necessary coverage. It also helps in reducing the time spent on car care while increasing the resale value of the car. All this makes PPF a suitable option to go with.