Top Reasons of Choosing PVC Leather Fabric for Your Cars

When we choose a seat cover, the material comes first. You may wonder why more and more people choose PVC Leather Fabric instead of PU or other leather materials. Besides the consideration of cost, PVC still has huge advantages over the others. PVC artificial leather is made by pasting on a fabric coated with PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer additives, or further laminating a layer of PVC film, then processed through a certain technology. It is with high strength, easy processing and low cost. Read on to know why people tend to choose PVC leather fabric.

Appearance: Most material might look fresh and nice when it is new, but it doesn’t take long to lose its original sheen and sharpness after regular uses. Therefore, you may think closely how long can the seat cover last as it looks like now. Some soft seat cover with foam layer that is not tight is easy to peel off after long-time sitting. PVC Leather Fabric is much more resistant to general use and external factors, making it a suited choice for a longer life span.

Cost: The price of artificial leather can vary a great deal, but most of them are at lower price compared to top end genuine leather. More and more car manufacturers are switching from fabric seats which were earlier cheaper than artificial leather. This has created a completely new segment in the auto industry which sits right between the low-end fabric and top-end genuine leather.

Harmful volatile substances: New accessories and materials may contain volatile substances and bring toxic odours inside the car, whether it is the consoles, seat, or roof mats, pad, and other parts of the car may emit harmful substances to the human body. In addition, when some car owners dress up their beloved cars, the decorations may also become the source of car pollution. For the health of drivers and passengers, it’s significant to find a reliable manufacturer like LEATHER. With advanced technology, it provides safe PVC synthetic leather with no harmful odour or undesirable smell. This seat cover has excellent waterproof, mildewproof, fire-proof and wear-resistant properties, making your driving safer.

Maintenance: You may not worry about maintenance because synthetic leather is wiped clean and offers much better resistance to fading and dulling than fabrics. Moreover, leather’s leatherette is color-fast, which means no color fading even it is wet! Most PVC leather cloth offers high level of water and stain resistance, even better than leather. So, you may sit and enjoy your wine without worrying about stains or absorption.

Stretch and tear strength: PVC leather cloth is designed to meet and exceed fabric standards for various applications. If you choose a car, you can look at the center console first. Whether it is plastic or rubber, workmanship and materials must be exquisite and fine, so as to judge the grade of materials used.

Hygiene: A dusty fabric seat will be filled with germs and diseases. Due to absorption, fabrics will emit odor after a period of use. On the contrary, good PVC leather can be completely anti-bacterial and odor-free. Some producers can meet customers’ needs on a higher basis. For example, LEATHER offers PVC leather with no dirty, no defects waterproof under low temperature. With its leather cloth solutions, your car will be fresh, hygienic and smelling like new.

Apart from the things above, there are other details, such as breathability and flexibility, which can’t be judged by observation alone. Choosing a suitable Leather Fabric seat cover can easily affect your driving experience and even your concentration. Make more comparisons before making a decision to avoid future problems!

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