You can easily incur a lot of repair costs due to car hail damage, but staying informed can help you avoid that and deal with car hail damage in the best way possible. In states such as Texas and Colorado, severe hailstorms are common, and even so many people lose a lot of money they could have saved if they were much better informed. 

Basically, the only thing you can do to protect your car from hail damage is practice preventive measures such as parking under a shelter, covering your vehicle with a weatherproof cover, staying alert on the state of the weather, among other things. But what happens if all hail breaks loose and it catches up with your car? Below are some of the common mistakes car owners make when dealing with hail damage and how to avoid them.

Assuming it’s only a minor hail damage

Minor hail damage can be visual, and it may not bother you, but it ultimately impacts your car’s value. If you love your car, you want to keep it in the best condition, repair damages before they get out of hand, and maintain its good value for the sake of the future. However minor, ensure you seek assistance from a specialized hail damage repair shop if your car suffers hail damage. It may only cost you a few dollars of paintless dent repair services to restore your vehicle to its previous condition without impacting its value.

Waiting until the hail season is over to get repairs

Many car owners assume that waiting until the hail season is over to get the car hail damage repaired is wise. You may think that is a good decision as you get a chance to take care of all the damages at once, but unfortunately, it is not. It exposes your car to an even more significant risk. What if it hails again, and the damage on your vehicle goes from repairable to total damage? If your car or truck is declared totaled because of hail damage, you lose big every time. Do not expose your car to an even more severe hail disaster. File an insurance hail damage claim as soon as possible or fix the damage while you can.

Filing a claim as soon as you spot hail damage

Many people assume that filing an insurance claim as soon as they spot hail damage is the only solution. Note that after a hail storm, the insurance companies are overwhelmed with hail damage insurance claims, and you may have to wait for weeks or months before they send an adjuster to inspect your car. And as you wait for them, you are exposed to more potential loss. The law allows you to take care of your car hail damage in a reputable car repair shop. The repair shop can reach out to your insurance company, file the claim on your behalf and save you the headache, which also shows the insurance company that you want your car repaired as soon as possible. In such a case, the adjuster simply notes the repairs and approves them.

The bottom line

When dealing with hail damage, do not assume that all auto repair shops are the same. Working with a specialized hail damage repair shop is the wisest decision. An experienced team will know what to do to repair the hail damage and still maintain your car’s good value.