Multi vehicle breakdown cover is better than other vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance should be working for the vehicle not for the person. Don’t you think? Most of the people’s cars or vehicles insurance is named after a person. The assistance or the claim goes for the name of the person only regardless of whose vehicle he is driving. It can be some other person’s car which could be benefited from your policy even if you have rented it. 

What multi vehicle breakdown covers?

Multi vehicle insurance cover is for your vehicles only regardless who is sitting on the driver’s seat of the car. This way you can make sure that for any harm to your vehicle, you have the coverage. So, if you have multiple vehicles in your house, may be, someone else in your family drives it, get it named after you and cover it in your policy. If you are going to buy a new car for someone in your family then also buy it under your name to enjoy the benefit of multi vehicle breakdown cover by multiquotetime.

How does it work?

Under this insurance, you can have the assistance in any place in the country. Whether the tire of any of you vehicle gets punctured or the belt gets broken or some accident happen or some other problem falls on your vehicle. The assistance will only be one call away. This facility is available for all the time 24×7. The repairers will reach you as soon as possible and try to resolve the problem in less than an hour. If it takes more time than that they will tow your vehicle to the nearest repair workshop or to the destination that you or the driving person wants to reach. They will make your car roadworthy in any case. 


It is very beneficial for the families that have only one car that is driven by different persons at different times. It is so because no matter who drives the car, in case of damage or theft your car will be covered with the insurance. There are different types of multicar insurance available with different companies. Some common ones are:

Basic breakdown coverage: As discussed earlier this will cover your car in case of breakdown or some other damage. For that, you need to be at a distance from your house. Mostly, this distance is kept one mile by many companies. It will pay for the repair and if the help doesn’t come within an hour, your car will be towed to the destination you want to reach.

Home breakdown coverage: This is also the same as the basic breakdown coverage there is no restriction of distance with it. When you find some problem with the car even in the garage of your house, the assistance will come there also to resolve the problem with any charging a penny. This might be a bit expensive but you can peace of mind with the problems of your car. Whether it is dead battery or flat tire, you can call for repair without any hesitation with this cover.