Points You Should Check Before Leaving On A Trip


Here you have the points to check before leaving for the trip; you must make tuning to your vehicle. If you still do not touch any of the periodic reviews of your car, better for your pocket, but that does not mean forgetting its maintenance. A summary of the levels can avoid unwanted surprises in any situation. Fill the consumables, check the pressure of the wheels or the position of the lights is in your hand to keep your car in perfect condition.

If you do not want anything (at least nothing related to your car) to make your holidays bitter, it is essential that you do a set-up before going on a trip. We’ll review the points that you should consider:

Points You Should Check

Oil Level

It is essential to check the quantity and quality of the lubricant after the rigors of winter because with frost the circuit has contracted several times and when driving in slow traffic, the car consumes more oil than usual.

Car manufacturers make it easy to indicate with two lines or points the maximum and minimum levels. This measurement must always be done when the engine is cold. Otherwise, it always seems that there is too much oil in the circuit.


The level of the antifreeze is also essential, whether they remain frozen or not to hold the car. It is not necessary to remove the cap, because the expansion vessel has an indicator level that is usually translucent. If you notice that there may be a leak, it is best to buy a fluorescent yellow liquid. It stands out a lot on the ground if it falls somewhere.

Windshield Wipers

The most important fluid of the contents in the car is the one in the tank of the clean ones. Imagine, suddenly, a truck throws a lot of mud from a puddle on the windshield. During the set-up, pay attention also to the state of the brushes. After the winter frosts, it is also essential for the system to work as it should.


If a driver has given you long without knowing why maybe it is because they are poorly regulated. This is a necessary operation from time to time and with the regloscope and a screwdriver, you will correct any defect in a few seconds. Don’t forget the tuning of your light system. Your safety on the road depends on it. Check out this site if you need to rent a car now