Problems/best solutions for car breakdown

Most if not all cars normally experience unexpected breakdowns. This may be due to some unexpected problems like a gas failure, flat battery, and others. Flat tires and batteries are the most common of the problems.

These problems are to be best prepared for so you won’t maybe miss an important meeting or flight. On occasions like this, the owner of the car tends to panic and knows nothing to do. Below I will give some of the problems of car breakdown and the best solutions with tutorials to overcome them;

  1. Punctured tires

Solution: You should have a jack and a spare tire in case of a problem like this. In cases where you don’t have these, call your mechanic immediately or go to the nearest car workshop.

  1. Limited Gas

Solution: In this case, you run out of gas and may be stuck in the middle of nowhere. To avoid this, I advise you always to take notice of your fuel indicator to know the right time to stop at the fuel station.

  1. Brakes breakdown

Solutions: This could entirely be your fault when you’re going on a long journey and breakdown on the way. The best solution to take to avoid this kind of scenario is to take advise from a professional mechanic before entering the road. Constant checking and maintenance of the brake are also very important to avoid this problem.

  1. Dead batteries

Solution: A dead battery is often caused by electrical currents and reduced amps and is the worst problem one could ever face when traveling on the road. The battery temperature is also another thing that affects your car battery.

It is recommended you change your battery every 2-3 years to avoid impromptu issues even if the battery is showing no signs of damage. Do you need more solutions? Please visit this car tutorials website.

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Car service station and It’s the importance

If you want to keep your car in the long run and stay sharp always, it is recommended you take it to a workshop always to avoid problems. Below are a few importance of taking our car to the service station


  1. It saves you a great deal amount of money
  2. It enables a safe and smooth driving
  3. It increases the value of your car in the market because will want to buy from you if it still looks good.
  4. Spare parts are always available in the service stations
  5. Car stations give you good information and services that you can’t give yourself.

Car maintenance tutorials/Importance

  1. It enables smooth driving
  2. It reduces the risk of road accidents
  3. It reduces repair cost
  4. Safety is sure

With these steps and techniques, I hope you get the best performance from your car. But you got to be disciplined at all times.