Quick fixes for common car problems


We all love driving around in our cars. Whether it is getting to work in comfort or going for an enjoyable family road trip at weekends, they certainly play a huge part in all our lives. With over 250 million vehicles in the USA, it is clear to see how essential motoring is to society. Of course, they can also cost us lots of money, especially when they break down or need some TLC. The great news for any modern motorist though is that there are many common car problems which can be fixed quickly and cheaply at home.

When it comes to car hacks the list of hacks is pretty amazing. Here are a few of the best around. 

Make your dashboard shine again 

A common problem many people have with their car is how dull the interior and dashboard can become over time. As the years roll by, the effects of sunlight can cause the color to fade and look less than impressive. A brilliant quick fix for this widely seen issue is actually olive oil! Dabbing a little on a damp cloth before wiping your dashboard over with it will make it look instantly better. Not only that, the moisture in the oil will help to prevent any cracks forming in the material. This is not only a quick fix but also an inexpensive one.

Repair a dented bumper the easy way

Modern driving can be a stressful pursuit, and this is certainly true when you return to your auto only to see someone has driven into it. Very often, this can leave an unsightly dent in your plastic bumper. Before you go off to your local dealership try this quick fix. Simply pour some boiling water over the dented bumper and then apply pressure to the area behind the dent. The boiling water will have made the plastic malleable and this means you can pop the dent back out. Once done, your bumper will look like new again. 

Tire sealant for flats

Flat tires can happen when you are out on the road. They are very annoying as they usually occur when you are in a rush! Although you may have a spare donut tire in your trunk, a quicker fix is to carry some tire sealant in the trunk. It will repair it temporarily and allow you to inflate the already fitted tire so you can be on your way. This means you can drive to your local mechanic to have it properly repaired without having to change the tire at the side of the road.

Use car seat covers

One issue that many car owners have to deal with is torn or tired car seats. This is understandable over time as regular use can cause the seat material to rip or fade. A great quick fix for this is to simply buy some car seat covers. These not only look great but will also hide away the offending material underneath so that no-one can see it. Compared to having to pay out on having the seats re-covered, it is a much faster and cheaper option. 

Repair small chips with nail polish

Getting your car dinged is part of driving but it is still annoying. Much of the annoyance is down to the cost of taking it to your local dealer to get it repaired or buying in the items you need if you decide to do it yourself. If you have a small chip or scratch, you could use this hack to help out quickly. Simply find a nail polish that matches your paintwork and use that to fill in the chip. It won’t be as good close-up as a proper job, but it will certainly look good enough from afar. When you factor in how quick and cheap this hack is to carry out, it is worth thinking about if you can’t afford a professional repair job.

Fix common car issues with no fuss

As the above hacks shows, there are some great ways to take care of common car issues yourself. This is not only quicker than waiting for your local garage to do it but also cheaper, too. Taking the time to find out more about this also helps you to become more self-sufficient and to better understand how your car works. It will also keep your car looking its best to impress friends and family.