The Best Van Storage Solutions Based on Purpose

Vans are one of the most versatile vehicles ever created. Used for a variety of functions for recreation and work, these vehicles offer owners and users the ability to get lots of stuff from one place to another without sacrificing any convenience or comfort.

But for a van to serve its intended purpose best, it must have optimised storage solutions that make it easy and safe to operate. Check out this guide detailing the best van storage solutions you can implement depending on how you use your van.

Van Storage Solutions for Recreation

If your van serves a recreational purpose for outdoor adventures, then it’s essential to have the most efficient van storage systems that can help you pack all of your essentials and equipment without compromising on convenience.

While a roof rack is always a standard go-to, the truth is that accessing the items on the top of your van isn’t always easy. That is why it is better to consider the installation of false floor van drawers. These drawers offer recreational van owners the ability to store long, bulky items like camping chairs, fishing rods, and other personal items without occupying a lot of space.

Thanks to its ease of access, the use of false floor drawers is one of the most popular van storage solutions for recreational vehicle owners. The best part? They come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on your own personal preferences.

If your van doesn’t feature a kitchen, it is an excellent idea to get van drawers containing all of the essentials you need for camping or off-road adventures, such as fridge and stove slide outs. These storage solutions allow you to conveniently access kitchen equipment when needed and slide it back for optimal storage when not in use.

The Best Van Storage Solutions for Work

It is essential to have optimised storage solutions that ensure organisation, safety, and easy accessibility when it comes to vans used for work purposes. In many cases, work vans can benefit from heavy-duty single, double, or triple van drawers that feature locks, galvanised running rails, and stainless steel roller bearings.

Not only will these drawer systems allow for better organisation and protection of equipment, but they will also make finding exactly what you need to get the job done quickly much easier.

Work a trade with lots of small parts to keep track of? That becomes a much easier task with racking systems that organise and hold all of those pesky pieces in place. Items such as wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and much more can be easily stored on sliding racks that install quickly into your van without any damage to the body of your vehicle.

A Storage Solution For Any Van

Van storage systems come in a variety of prefab and customisable configurations to meet their specific purpose. For example, if your focus is recreation, consider storage solutions that maximise space or add features and elements not included, such as kitchens.

If you are using your van for work purposes, be sure to get van storage systems that allow you maximum organisation and easy accessibility of your equipment, so you never have to waste time searching for something essential when it counts.