The Best Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Cheap Car Rental

Cars are expensive. Whether you own them or are just renting, it costs a lot to pay for repairs and maintenance, which is why the last thing anyone wants to see is a dent or a scratch on the bodywork. When you get cheap car rentals, it’s no different. Keep these tips in mind to avoid damaging your cheap car rental.

This applies to any vehicle you hire, for example a motorhome or even a rental van. Customers are getty more savvy and take out annual van hire excess cover with Multi Quote Time, which will cover any rental excess and also provide cover for windows , wheels and underside.

When Entering And Exiting Driveways 

If you’ve always struggled with going in and out of driveways, you most likely worry about driving a cheap car rental. Some driveways in residential and commercial properties are narrow, winding, or steep. And if you’re not familiar with driving through driveways and gates like this, you could bump the car or scratch the paintwork. When driving in a cheap car rental in and out of driveways, remember to stay calm and focused. Keep checking your mirrors, and accelerate slowly so that you have more control over the vehicle.

Parking Near Concrete Barriers 

Unfortunately, some people are nervous about parking, because they’re worried that poor drivers around them will damage their cheap car rental. For that reason, you might overcompensate by parking too close to concrete barriers. Concrete barriers are prominent, permanent fixtures that you’ll see around shopping centres, or underground parking areas. The next time you’re parking your cheap rental car, remember to leave enough space between the barrier and the vehicle so that you can exit without damaging the door.

Monitor The Surface Of The Road 

If you’ve never gotten a cheap car rental before, you might be surprised to learn that many car hire companies stipulate that you can only drive their vehicles on tarred or sealed roads. That means that they don’t want their cars driving extensively over loose ground, gravel or dirt roads.

Untarred roads are a risk for potholes, ditches, and debris, so be careful to avoid these surfaces. If your rental company does not stipulate that the car is only to be driven on unsealed roads, be careful when driving just the same. You don’t want to damage the undercarriage, dent the rim, or pop a tyre!

Be Aware Of What’s In Front Of You 

Although you should be aware of where you’re driving and what’s in the road behind the wheel of any car, car rentals need extra caution. Cheap car rentals are insured, and hopefully, you’re paying for insurance in your rental agreement as well, but you still don’t want to hit something in the road that shouldn’t be there.

Environmental debris, a truck that lost its load, or an animal running across the street is a common sight, so it’s best to stay focused on the road ahead so that you can navigate an unexpected obstruction without causing damage to the car, or injury to yourself.

Consider Your Insurance Options 

All cheap rental cars are insured by the car rental company, in case a client has an accident while on the road. However, some vehicle insurances provide cover if you rent a car, which can be handy. If your insurance doesn’t cover rentals, you don’t need to worry. Rental companies provide coverage options for their customers as well.

The rental rate should include basic insurance cover, with excess. With some rental companies, you can opt-out of the excess coverage because it can be expensive. However, you can reduce the excess with Insurance Excess Reduction (IER) to keep the costs low. If you would prefer to choose IER, all drivers stipulated in the rental agreement must be 25 years old or older, to keep the rental company’s interests and vehicles safe.

Keep in mind that the excess requires payment only if you have an accident in a rental car. If you have an accident in a cheap car rental, full exclusion from liability include the following:

  • If the person driving was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • If the vehicle was being driven by someone not stipulated as a driver for that car in the rental agreement
  • If the driver was driving the car on the wrong side of the road
  • If the driver was treating the vehicle carelessly or recklessly
  • If the vehicle is in an unsafe condition after having left the rental company in roadworthy conditions

Driving cheap rental cars can be stressful for those who have never hired a vehicle before. Fortunately, if you’re careful and vigilant while on the road, you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you do have a problem, make sure to review your insurance.