The difference between applying for a driving license for car and a gun license

A Driving License is not only needed as a complement when driving so you don’t get a ticket. More than that, a driver’s license is legal proof that a person is allowed to drive a vehicle on the road.

Driving License is a privilege given to someone to drive a motorized vehicle on the highway. This privilege is given because the person concerned has passed the test and is recognized as having theoretical and practical competence in driving a motorized vehicle.

Driving License in addition to legitimizing competence is also for the function of control and law enforcement, functioning as a data system that supports police forensics and excellent service in the field of road transport traffic. 

In the Driving License support system, it is associated with the traffic attitude record program and de merit point system , as an education and accountability system for granting the privilege of driving a motorized vehicle on the highway within a certain period of time:

  1. Without a re-test as a form of appreciation to the person concerned because during the validity period of the Driving License, he was not involved in a traffic accident and was not recorded in the traffic attitude record system or if he had violated the points, it was not more than 12 points.
  2. Re-test because the person concerned has been involved in a traffic accident. Or commit a traffic violation with more than 12 points.
  3. Temporarily withdraw because the person concerned is proven to be driving recklessly which endangers traffic safety such as speeding, illegal racing, drunkenness, consuming drugs while driving, etc.
  4. Revoked for life for being involved in a hit-and-run, this is a crime against humanity which is morally not worthy of special privileges.

A Gun License

Criminal acts are increasing day by day. News portals often report incidents of robbery, burglary, or other acts of violence. In this situation, it is interesting to discuss how the permit rules are used if civilians have firearms for the purpose of self-defense?

Civil society is actually allowed to own a firearm for the sake of self-defense because of their job or position. For such ownership, it is mandatory to apply for a permit first.

Civilians are not allowed to use firearms indiscriminately. Civilians must obtain permission from the police if they wish to own firearms in private. This permission cannot be given to just anyone.

There is a regulation regarding the ownership of this firearm in the National Police Chief Regulation. The regulation regulates several things where there are certain categories of civilians who can get permits to use firearms.

Every person who is not a member of the Army or the Police who owns and wears a firearm must have a license to use a firearm according to the example set by the Chief of State Police. Kleiner Waffenschein Antrag, visit