Types of Car Tyres in Australia Explained


It is extremely important to choose the right set of tyres; to get the envisioned performance from your vehicles. They make up the most essential part of any car as they not only connect it to roads but also support the vehicle weight. One must never compromise with your car tyres’ quality as they are very much responsible for your comfort and safety while driving. The right type and good quality tyres could be a boon to your loved cars, on the other hand, low-quality ones could be a curse as they can decrease your car’s overall performance. You must always buy good quality tyres and rims Sydney from reputed dealers like St George Tyres, as they have a proper grip on roads which makes turning, braking, and acceleration much easier, thus giving you the benefit to having complete control over your car.

The three most common types of car tyres in Australia are:

  • Performance car tyre

These types of car tyres are specially designed for high-speed driving, and not for motorways. Primarily, these car tyres are used for performance driving or racing. They are even commonly used on sports cars since they provide better response, traction, and handling.

Performance tyres are designed in such a way that they help in increasing your car handling. If you are looking for specific benefits, these tyres also allow improving grip especially on sealed road surfaces; this improves overall car safety as well.

  • All terrain car tyre

These types of car tyres are also known as off-road tyres for cars. All-terrain tyres are common for drivers who drive professionally requiring a good amount of off-road driving skills. And those who reside in areas only accessible through unsealed roads. If you need to recognize such tyres, you could do it by their non-road handling and deep tread capabilities.

The open tread designs allow for a better generous grip as compared to a normal street tyre, thus offering the driver to stay steady on mud and rocks as well. Additionally, few all-terrain tyres even increase your car’s overall capacity to carry loads.

  • All season car tyre

All-season tyres for cars are also known as ‘all-weather tyres’. As the name suggests, these types of tyres, right now, are on all your cars. Since they are factory standard tyres which maximum Australian cars come with? These tyres have a combination of both the properties of all terrain as well as performance tyres, thus creating a product that suits the average Australian driver.

The best advantage, why many consumers go for all-season tyres is – there is no need to often change tyres in-between seasons. 

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